Wednesday, June 23, 2010


To get a grip on it all, watch (rent) a film called “The Listening” starring Michael Parks (Bronson) in his best role ever. In the film they say 4,000 satellites, but my guess is that it is much more, starting with the moon itself, which is artificial and hollow, and by most informed accounts I’ve read is shared by several ET groups with the transgenic “humans” that sold us out long ago.

Virtually unpromoted by the distributors in the U.S., (duh), it gives an account of satellites now orbiting Earth, with capabilities that reflect the cameras-everywhere syndrome seeking to confirm laterally what the birds see vertically, as well as complete auditory surveillance virtually EVERYWHERE. Long ago governments decided the only place they could hold a private conversation was in special rooms, in subs, under the polar ice caps. That notion no longer persists.


The site above lists some 3,000 or so, but it’s an arbitrary number because as soon as any “farm” with a Country Code says “National Security” then the satellites they launch go “black” and aren’t listed in open info anymore.

So, worrying about the latest attack drone is a waste of blood pressure.

As for what “we all know”…KNOW? Well, there’s a thought. Only question is; “Do we actually KNOW anything at all?”

I just saw one of our local state reps, Jay Inslee, posing on his website with who? A guy in his red hat and medals. Think about that. Not a fireman, not school kids, not veterans, but a secret society old man in his black outfit handing Jay something in the picture. What’s that? An American flag in the shape of a Hexagram???


I remember Jay Inslee standing on the street corner in Ellensburg 20 years ago, waiving his own sign like a kid hawking pizzas for Domino’s latest special. I remember how disgusted I was then, thinking as I drove by; “This guy would sell his soul for power-I’ll bet he never got laid in high school.”

The copy that now “holds office” isn’t even a good one, and just like his attack on Lord Monckton about “Not even being a real Lord” (like that fucking matters when you speak Truth about the Global Warming scam), his rant about Gravity, & “Flat Earth conspiracy” are SO OFF-KEY its’ as if whoever designed the clone did it to INDICATE that we are no longer seeing a human being.


The “human” copies seem to operate on some second class program that makes their behavior so off-key,



It is my conclusion that the shattering of ALL illusions we are indoctrinated with by this artificial “reality” we are born into-especially here in the U.S., is the key to liberation from it, and the entrance exam to actual “reality”, and the wonders it surely holds.

IF you have not put ALL Dr. Peter Beter’s Audio Letters on a DVD and listened, I suggest you do so soon. You can skip through his Bolshevik rants, William Guy called them the World Revolutionary Movement, Smedley Butler called them Fascist Racketeers, but at the core, “they” are all satanic occultists who give-up Human value for power over Humans through the most vile means, characterized by desecration of the most innocent of humans, children, in acts that are simply NOT HUMAN.

Ergo, we are beset by various groups of ET vermin, whom infest like parasites damaged humans with corrupt values due to bad parenting and generational infestations expressed as “Secret Societies Doing Good Deeds” which create sociopaths and psychopaths who cleave to each other and further infest and populate hierarchical structures, ALL OF THEM ON EARTH, and it is our task as Conscious Humans Becoming to see this as our reality, and then to raise our own individual consciousness to a level where we create new open societies of fully-as-possible conscious and aware humans instead of dumb-assed TV-ized, “Liberal/Conservative” whatever…IDIOTS, who believe a DAMN THING the parasitically infested say or do.

I think the point is to learn lies from truth.

SO, how does it all relate? Hutz, we are in a goldfish bowl with a hundred “people” tapping on the glass, and watching EVERYTHING we do.

I don’t know if we can transcend the goldfish bowl in a single lifetime. I don’t know know how many it took for us to get this far.

This level of understanding, where you are out in the fringe margin of the general population, and the general population is ever so slowly coming your way in their awareness, SEEMS to indicate your progress is more than a little ahead of the crowd.

Kinda makes you proud-eh?

That makes you a fast-learner, if it makes you feel better.

So I wouldn’t give the 37 a big worry.


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