Monday, June 28, 2010

RAP- They are offering the best foundation

Just frosting on the outhouse seat , in the winter, of my years. No Comments on the new post, locked out so far. I think Ben want us to cool our jets a little before we get mouthy. So we’re picking members of the coup d’etat teams.
RAP needs to be the stabilizer for the sake of our Liberte, Equalite , and Fraternite .Never said better when you add The Eternal’s blessing .
RAP- They are offering the best foundation(The restoration of The Original Constitution, circa 1860, I believe) ,and , most important ,the moral and finacial support of 69 nations , AND ENOUGH MONETARY FUNDING TO SAVE OUR BUTTS. .Establishing Meritocracy(Ben and me,100 % for) instead of ‘politics as usual’ is what General David Prataeus is bringing to the table, as a prominent force.
Ron Paul is an excellent, intelligent human being with a heart for America and a lot of good old common sense. An excellent choice for an interim president.General Jones would help move this reformation along if he was accompanied by Al Gore. Gore’s election probsbly was stolen by ‘W’. W for Wartlock, which is a pimple on a Warlock’s ass. Gore ,can he be interim VP ; if he keeps his mitts of the ladies and, shuts up about his NWO Cap and Trade $ BIG cash for me ideas-SCAM. Now that we will have the benefits of the new to be revealed,formerly hidden, Green energy technologies, he won’t be able to gore us for energy credit dollars. If he is “true Green” , he would be happy with that . Hilary, Bill ,Biden ,Pelosi and The DNC in general betrayed the American People and were crimially complicit in allowing Obummer to take the presidential appointment illegally and dropping full investigative protocol of his claim to citizenship.But not McCain’s – joke son . Some crimial members of the FBI and CIA were cajoled into , not doing their duty, which Dr. David Manning so perfectly proved in his trial exposing Obama’s ineligibility , tried in Harlem, N.Y.C. A brave man of truth; I am extremely proud of his courage , intelligence and tenacity. ( BULLDOGEE U rah ) We must se to it that the new regeime officially and operatively , breaks ties with all NWO – TPTW, their secret societies support organizations, fraternities. BEN and ALL- Review , take stock in the folowing video presentation, when you review the unbelievable infiltration and stastus TPTW had in the workings of this Federal Government so distinctly exposed at The circa 1995 Denver WORLD Inernational Airport ‘hookup safety net of the world’s elite’ you see TPTW full plans of Genocide, sanctioned by The Masonic Bastards, for the billions of the common people graphically shown on murals so Satanic they unerve you.They have big plans that China, and aisans are to be catching a cold,; I wonder if they will add a new mural panel to refelct this new carnage, as planned. MUST SEE again, a Menen’s skin bracer moment : ….
Very Sobering, and infuriating; you may want to play it safe and take a sedative ater you view it all.
http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=58 Identify and purge all their crimial government and organized crime affilaites, AND, redo the World Banking System locking out any of TPTW, No they can’t participate . Furthermore , No BIS , IMF, World Bank,funding of any, military enhancement-lending, to any countries. World Court, Interpol espionage, CIA, MI6 , FBI must disconnect from illegal drug trade,and especially, any allegiance ,or, assistance to TPTW, under penalty of death.Secret Societies inernational must disassociate from TPTW, under penalty of disbandonment, criminally outlawed. Resister will be imprisoned, or executed. No militant religous groups will be tolerated, that interfere , intimidate, perpetrate ‘holy wars’(BULLSHIT), mistreat ,or discriminate the personages of any female, minors(children), or, any male person due to religious ,or other personal reasons they harbor against them and victimize same, they commit abduction and harm of that persons rights and freedoms and their personages, or physical bodies , and these wicked crusaders shall surely lose their rights and their freedom.
My Best to All That’s a wRAP !

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