Friday, June 25, 2010


Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 19:18:27 -0400 newsflash

Hello To Everyone,

I know that most of you are eager to find out what the RESTORE AMERICA PLAN is doing regarding the Gulf.... Well, various steps were taken and a plan is in motion. We now need the support of the people and the more the merrier, in this instance the more folks understanding what is going on, not only in the Gulf but throughout the country, the more successful the RAP will be to bring back what was stolen from us slowly but surely.

I have attached here 2 files. One is a PRESS RELEASE that was sent today by a former paper Editor to the Florida Press Association so they can reach ALL of Florida newspapers that are members of that association (the vast majority are) for broad dispatch. While we are not holding our breath about reading it in the Florida Times Union or any other major paper -they are sold out to the De Facto Government- we anticipate that many smaller papers like in Mclenny etc.... will publish this Press Release. In the meantime, Please enjoy, take heart, and broadcast far and wide to everyone and anyone, as I am doing and will continue to do.

The second file is an educational video put together by a man who loves this country like you would not believe.... He has studied inside and out the actual history of our beloved country and has researched historic documents, the Codes and more and put together this phenomenal work to educate us all so that we can understand why we are in the mess that we are today, why our country is on the verge of unspeakable collapse, why our children will have no future here when that happens, why our homes are being seized, stolen from us by a rotten banking system that don't care one bit if a family with babies are thrown out to become homeless (or an 87 year old woman, for that matter), why we cannot find a job anymore, why some people are sent to jail without due process of the law, why senators and congressman/women could care less what we the people feel, why we are where we are and we are told to hush up and let the government pay its tune.

Understand that this is not about Obama, Democrats or Bush or the Republicans or any other party. This is about TRUTH, FACTS, .... You watch, you pray, you think and you decide..... STOP LIVING THE LIE....
I am mad that I was lied to for the last 50 years of my life; I am mad that the country and the values I held sacred, had been overshadowed and striped away by a power elite that used the people as chattel.... Just watch and then choose to be proactive ....

Blessings to all and let's get our country back!
Take Care and God Bless America

P.S. Please send the video to all those in your address book, share it with associations, the Sheriff's Office, judges, attorneys, police officers, the military, city, county, state officials.... broadcast it far and wide inn all 50 states.
P.P. S. I am giving you a link to watch a video rather than downloading it... too big!

This is pretty good too! http://www.panamalaw.org/explanation_of_restore_america_plan.html


Mark V said...

The press release link ... Is it here? Can you post it, please?

Anonymous said...

Please post the Florida press release link!

Anonymous said...

Crap no press release! Ack please post it someone!