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Oill Spills - More news and coverups

Oill Spills - More news and coverups

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Breaking News another oil spill cover up

Egypt oil spill threatens Red Sea marine life  Agence France-PresseFirst Posted 12:45:00 06/21/2010Filed Under: Oil & Gas - Upstream activities, Environmental pollution, Environmental Issues  CAIRO, Egypt—An  oil spill off the Egyptian Red Sea coast of Hurghada threatening to damage marine life in the area has prompted environmental agencies to demand tighter regulation of offshore oil platforms. Large quantities of oil have appeared in recent days around the resorts of Hurghada which draw millions of tourists who come to dive or snorkle, according to the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Agency. "It started four or five days ago and the companies responsible didn't notify anyone. It is catastrophic," Hepca Managing Director Amr Ali told AFP.
See the rest of the story. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/world/view/20100621-276801/Egypt-oil-spill-threatens-Red-Sea-marine-life

Averting a North Sea Blowout
As BP struggles to control Oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from a blowout at the Deepwater Horizon rig a month ago, another company is working to prevent a blowout in Europe. Statoil, the Norwegian Oil giant, is battling recurrent pressure problems this month at its Gullfaks C Oil Well in the North Sea. They forced a partial Evacuation of the Drilling platform this week. In deep-sea Wells, gas from under the sea bed that Wells up with Oil can help create high pressure leading to a blowout....  http://politifi.com/news/North-Sea-oil-rig-evacuated-due-to-unstable-well-681983.html

Oil rig disasters

Oil Rig Worker: Blowout Preventer was Leaking LONDON, June 21, 2010  A Deepwater Horizon worker has told the BBC he warned BP and its partners weeks ahead of the catastrophic explosion aboard the Gulf of Mexico oil rig that a crucial piece of hardware on the sea floor was leaking. Tyrone Benton,...

Workers are Getting Sick at Gulf Coast Oil Clean Up Sites

Gulf oil spill Workers hospitalized, restraining order sought against BP

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