Sunday, June 27, 2010


You must ask the questions : Who are the major owners-controllers of the BP Oil Co. ? Who has been receiving the royalty checks from the 7,050 oil well rigs in The GOM ?
How honest and how much integrity , loyaly and nationalism has Obummer showed the American Peoples thus far?
Be aasured that any escrow accounts set up by BP for the Gulf Oil damages may be borrowed from. And that the pockets of the crooked politicians wil be filled to overflowing.
Disclosure of imminent catastrophe will be delayed until it is almost too late. That if there are mass evacuations, Haliburtonand other vulture NWO Companies will be in on the take. Where the hell is the Pentagon Hero-statesmen-Christian officers and cadre ? Do we have a major influx of shallow hearted , dumbed down sociopathic droids in the military,or do we still have Semper Fi guys. Yes , you have been used, now it’s timee to kick their asses(TPTB) off the planet. YHWH , JESHUA BE with US that seek righteousness, and peace. YHWH helped HIS people battle to overcome evil armies and civilizations that HE knew were hopeless. Again these sociopaths have regenerated their ranks and plague the world. More is written of these accounts than any other written words to be found in all of antiquity.

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