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Date: Wednesday, 16-Jun-2010 22:09:14

NOTE: This is a private YouTube video.

Deep Water Horizon moments after the explosion

By A. True Ott, PhD,

Contributed to Vatic Project by Randa, USA


Marine biology student Albert Andry III and his three high school buddies Ryan Chaisson, Wes Bourg, and Dustin King were fishing in Andry’s 26-foot catamaran, the Endorfin, the afternoon and evening of April 20, 2010. They had experienced a great afternoon catching black fins around BP’s “AmberjackRig109” – and had decided to spend the night 50 miles offshore under the protective shelter of the Deepwater Horizon rig, fishing for baitfish to be used the next day.

They were about 100 yards from the Deepwater Horizon when the masiverig’slights suddenly went out, and then the first of a series of massive booms shook the rig. Immediately, Andry began videotaping the sequence of events. His amazing tape can be viewed on YouTube -

(VN: Please Note that as the camera moves, the “blue” lines from the sky DO NOT MOVE with the camera rather they stay fixed above the rig, This is important, thus it is not an artifact of the camera itself, and in fact, you can see if you look carefully the reflection of the lines in the water, BUT NOT IN THE FIRE REFLECTION in the water which would happen if it were a camera anonomly. That is a critical point to show this was by the derrick itself and part of the event as it was unfolding and the two beams location matches the holes in the platform as the link here will attest http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/05/gulf-oil-spill-halliburton-connection.html )


What is unusual about Andry’s video is the massive beam of intense purple-blue light projecting skyward from the exploding Deepwater Horizon rig. As the video clearly shows, the purple-blue beam was very clear, intense and pronounced during the first 30 seconds of tape, and then faded to just a faint trace 3 minutes later at the concluding end of the video.

What could have caused this anomaly? Why did all survivors of the disaster all tell the same story – the rig’s ELECTRICITY and LIGHTING failed first, well before the explosion occurred. What massive pulse of energy would have the power to short-circuit the Deepwater Horizon’s sheath-protected generators and thickly insulated wiring built to withstand hurricanes and heavy winds, waves, and rain before any explosion occurred? How was it that the electricity failed BEFORE the explosion, not vice verse – according to ALL the eyewitness accounts?

Was the purple-bluebeam of intense light captured on Andry’s video a high-tech laser weapon designed to cause the pressurized pipe to super-heat, melt, burst and explode? If so, who would deploy such a dastardly device, and for what purpose or reason?


The simple answer to this question is yes, absolutely YES. Caledan“infrared chemical laser”, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) inconjunction with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) not only has built such a satellite-based weapon, they deployed it years ago, both on the ground as well as on orbiting satellites.

According to Wikipedia, MIRACL, or Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser, is the only known successful directed energy weapon developed by the US Navy. It is a deuterium fluoride laser, a type of chemical laser.

The MIRACL laser first became operational in 1980. It can produce over a megawatt of output for up to 10 minutes, making it the most powerful continuous wave (CW) laser in the US. Its original goal was to be able to track and destroy anti-ship cruise missiles, but in later years it was used to test phenomenologies associated with national anti-ballistic and anti-satellite laser weapons.
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