Sunday, June 20, 2010

Search engine tips

I want to share some of my “finding” methods with you so that you can do more research on topics. First, there are literally thousands of search engines on the Internet, so don’t confine yourself to Google and Yahoo. Second, most of the web is actually not catalogued or catalogued very well. It is known as the invisible, deep, or secret Internet. Accessing it can be done a number of ways, but the easiest is to learn different ways of searching and to use non-standard engines.

There is a great course (self-administered) that you can take from the University of California at Berkeley library. Just search for invisible web and that library and you should find their course. You can find a lot of different search engines by searching for “search engines.” There are search engines that search by file name AND FILE TYPE. These are useful for finding things that you were never supposed to find. Try searching for unusual topics with the dot DOC or dot TXT file type. It is amazing what you can come up with. Example: Depopulation dot Doc or Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall (the guy that claims to be the new “Jesus”) dot Doc.

Visit Cryptome, the Memory Hole and George Mason university and check out their catalogues for interesting things. Visit the national archives. I don’t know if it still exists, but you used to be able to find all kinds of information on the Search Engine Watch.

Finally, visit the many wonderful sites that deal with THESE TOPICS: religious anthropology, archaelogy, religions of the world and related subjects. I do not mean to offend anyone, but many of you could use some time on working up your critical thinking skills. Let me make a few cases in point.

1. Spend time checking on the provenance (origins) of some of the documents that you are reading. There is a lot of disinformation out on the web.

2. Be ready to challenge YOUR OWN PERSONAL BELIEFS AT ALL TIMES. All too often, disinfo artisans use commonly-held prejudices to “sell” their ideas. In particular, be aware of religious prejudices etc. The Bible that many of you own has been rewritten many times and should not necessarily be considered authoritative WITHOUT some research. If you have trouble believing this, then try researching “The Rockefeller Bible” and the founders of the Council of Churches in the USA.

3. The speech by Mark Persyn (the young officer who served in Iraq) is an excellent guide. “Hate,” he said, “is a tool for control.” He is absolutely correct. If you want to learn the truth, guard against your own prejudices first. No one knows what those are more than you do, so search your own heart for unfounded beliefs and make sure that they don’t color your thinking.

4. Things that seem to fit too easily together to explain a large-scale phenomenon are likely to be disinformation. Explanations that rely upon the acceptance of some leap of faith are generally not true. Explanations that might BENEFIT one side in a struggle are probably propaganda. Examples: The British Crown fought the Catholic Church to regain control over their lands and their colonies. The crown sought to circumvent the Church by making its own king the leader of the Church of England. This act should have clued everybody into the real motivation for the change.

5. Religions have been used to control mankind particularly since the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine. One has to wonder why the Catholic Church always had a Roman pope until relatively recently. The church’s stance changed just about the same time that the religion itself seemed to become very corrupt. Obviously, something changed behind the scenes, but what?

6. The very attempt to destroy all “Christian” religions and portray Judaism as a much older alternative should make everybody extremely suspicious…since most of the people running banks etc. are Ashkenazim and this WRONG-HEADED SWITCH OF SUPERSTITIONS BENEFITS THEM!

7. There are religions that are much older than Christianity and Judaism. They are known as the Vedas, european paganism, Daoism, etc. Even the Vedas show the impact of a group known as the Aryans who pushed the entire concept of CASTE because it made it much easier to rule conquered peoples.

8. In evaluating any religious system, look at it objectively and without prejudice. This is going to be very difficult for many people. I was raised Catholic, but I can honestly tell you what the problems with that Church are and where liturgy was changed to benefit the Pope and Church financial condition. I also know which Popes were naughty boys and members of Italian ruling families. I can tell you when it appeared that Rome lost power in the Church and how that was reflected. My own church is not a sacred cow to me, because the truth is more important.

If you want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, you must look for the truth in the world around you and within yourselves. This search is not easy nor is it fun.

Lastly, ask yourselves why are so many separate groups trying to organize a new “savior” of the world? Why the creation of Matreiya, Jesus Christ II and so forth? Why argue over which is more antique, Judaism or Christianity? Why avoid discussing the Eastern religions or the religions of indigenous people around the world? What is going to happen that makes this a worthwhile exercize? Furthermore, are the disasters being created natural, man made or from another source?

Who stands to benefit from a worldwide culling of population? Who loses?

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