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A Possible Disaster Beyond Belief!

A Possible Disaster Beyond Belief!

By David J. Smith 6/19/10

A real accident occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in early 2010. It was spread all over the Internet as a conspiracy on the part of the U.S. Government. It was not! It was a real accident that is causing ramifications that could never be imagined.

In 5,000 feet deep water, British Petroleum began its drilling into the ocean bed. As they drilled toward the 6,000 feet mark, a driller told the foreman that there was a defective part, but the foreman told him to keep drilling because they were running out of time. Within a few minutes after that conversation, the explosion took place.

What the American people have not been told is that approximately 50-70 million barrels of oil per day is gushing out. There is no way to stop it – EXCEPT – a small nuclear device that must have the exact angle. If that exact angle is not attained, there will be major catastrophes that we cannot imagine.

Another problem is the oil that is pouring out was so close to the liquid core of the earth that it is boiling hot. When this boiling hot oil gushes into the very cold ocean water, it solidifies and becomes lumpy instead of liquid oil. This solidified oil is washing onto the shorelines. It can be picked up and handled, as seen on the Weather Channel.

Could we see a dying or dead population in much of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana as a direct result of this spill? Is there something the American people are NOT being told that could be hazardous to their lives? If you have the opportunity to view the movie Outbreak, you will understand an AIRBORNE VIRUS! It is transmitted in the air.

Now, think about what YOUR government is not telling you. The normal wind currents, called the Jet Stream, moves from Northwest to Southeast. YOUR government has not told you that there are at least three VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS being released along with the black oil. These three organic compounds are VERY dangerous to humans and unborn children.

They are:

Hydrogen Sulphide. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that safe quantities to breath are 5 Parts Per Billion. Their recent tests showed 1,200 Parts Per Billion in the air over the Gulf. The oil spill is not the greatest danger. It kills wild life, pollutes the water, and destroys the beaches. However, Hydrogen Sulphide becomes a vapor, and is blown by the wind and absorbed into the clouds which eventually drop very TOXIC rain into water reservoirs, creeks, rivers, swimming pools. It is absorbed into the skin. This toxic water works its way into our vital organs resulting in lumps, cancer, leukemia and a host of other organ related problems. It breaks down the immune system, so you cannot ward off disease. Death is the final result. Government mass relocation programs may begin. Martial law will have to be called, out of necessity. It may never be reversed.

Benzine! This volatile organic compound is so deadly the EPA said that 0-4 Parts Per Billion were safe to breathe. The EPA’s tests in the Gulf of Mexico showed 3,000 Parts Per Billion. Talk about deadly air to breath and clouds to drop rain!!! It is incredible. Benzine vapors cause the same effects on the body or worse than hydrogen sulphide.

Metholene Chloride! This volatile organic compound, according to the EPA, is very dangerous when over 61 PARTS PER BILLION is in the air or water. The EPA’s test of the air in the Gulf found 3-3,400 PARTS PER BILLION.

All three of these volatile organic compounds are deadly at the levels being emitted from the oil spill. Winds don’t stop just because we want them to!!! The Jet Stream circulated soot and ash several years after the Mount St. Helens volcano eruption.

This oil spill is so powerful that it will never stop unless the nuclear blast is successful. BUT, what if it is NOT successful? They already have found fissures [cracks] in the floor of the Gulf twenty miles away that are leaking oil AND the three volatile organic compounds mentioned. The ocean floor has already risen 13 feet per minute in some places, or over three hundred feet.

I am not an alarmist, but my job is to warn the church first and then the nation of what just might be coming. Those who have leaked this information said they are terrified to think of what will happen if the nuclear plan fails. The failure could cause these fissures, up to twenty miles away, to break loose and create more oil and volatile gases.

These are not the only problems we are witnessing. The failure of this nuclear devise going off the exact way it SHOULD, could cause a great EARTHQUAKE on the New Madrid fault line. This fault line runs from the Gulf to the Great Lakes (Chicago)!!! Can you imagine New Orleans, Memphis, possibly part of St. Louis, and parts of Chicago under water? Can you imagine Texas and the West splitting from the Eastern side of the Mississippi River?

We are told in 2 Timothy 3:1 “that in the last days PERILOUS (dangerous) TIMES will come.” Would you consider something of this magnitude discussed as dangerous?

God even told us in Psalm 91 some of these events. For instance, in verse 6-7: “Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness … A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you.” Who is God talking to in this case? The individuals that walk in His ways!!! (v. 1-3).

Will we make sure our lives are prepared, just in case this event in the Gulf of Mexico could be the beginning of dangerous times? Our God and His Son have the power to deliver. It will be up to us to be prepared!!!

Thank you,

The Editor

David J. Smith

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