Thursday, June 17, 2010

Financial Dominoes Yet To Fail

Financial Dominoes Yet To Fail

Hank Brock is an acclaimed author, financial planner, and economic expert.

But it wasn't his credentials that caught Brian and Bill's attention. Rather, it was a presentation he recently gave at a seminar down in Belize.

After hearing Hank speak, Brian and Bill decided they simply had to have him on their show.

When you listen to this week's Off the Grid News radio program, you'll discover:

* What you can learn from the Amish.

* Why you should turn off your power at least once a week.

* How to have good, clean fun when the lights are out.

* Major dominoes yet to fall in the global economic collapse.

* What it might look like if an Iceland-style currency failure happens here.

* How the baby boomers are de-leveraging and literally causing a contraction of the money supply.

* Why China is going to send the price of commodities sky-high -- plus, strategic things you can do right now to prepare for higher prices.

All this and more when you listen to this week's recording right here:


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