Monday, June 28, 2010


Okay, first of all, remember at the beginning of the week that Ben was saying that the Vatican and the Nazis (NWO types) were trying to kill him and other truth tellers off? Remember that he said that there things in the works that he could not talk about? WELL, THEY’RE HERE!!!
Go to the Alcuinbramerton site and download the article in NEXUS about the fraudulent basis of the Catholic Church. Pay special attention to where the author says that Constantine came from (yup, England). Then read about the way that the Church was used to unify the various religions in the Roman Empire under one religion. Some of the decisions made in REWRITING THE ABUNDANT ANCIENT TEXTS ABOUT GOD AND HISTORY THAT EXISTED included OMITTING THE WIDELY-SPREAD BELIEF IN REINCARNATION found in religions from Russia to Egypt and Africa. The reason that reincarnation was omitted was because Constantine and the new staff of the church being built decided that it gave humanity too much leeway in their behavior if they though that they might get another chance.
There were many other things omitted that had been handed down for generations in many countries of the world. Then, the new Christians/Catholics burned down the library in Alexandria that contained many of the ancient writings about where mankind came from.
For those of you who dismiss what is going on in the Catholic Church as irrelevant to your faith, you need to remember that most Protestant religions are offshoots of Catholicism. Lutherans came from Germany when Martin Luther protested the behavior of the Holy Roman Empire/Catholic church. Presbyterians were a Scottish version of Catholicism. Anglicans came from the Rulers of England wanting to have control of their country and breaking away from the Catholic Church.
In order for everybody to understand what is really going on, I recommend reading the Nexus piece and then studying your own religion to understand how it relates. The most important thing to understand is that there were many stories in Europe, Africa, Asia etc. about the ORIGINS of MANKIND that could have a much different interpretation if viewed objectively without the coloration of the Judeo-Christian church.
The takedown of the Satanists within the Catholic Church and the exposure of Obama to the G20/G8 including the fact that Biden disclosed that Obama is doing Bush Sr.’s bidding because he is being blackmailed over his true citizenship (i.e. He is not an American citizen) and that Biden is being blackmailed as well…is going to have vast ramifications for what happens next. Nobody is going to loan anymore money to the USA until they can trust the US’s word.
Interesting developments.

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