Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Legal Notice to BP & Queen of England

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Legal Notice to BP & Queen of England

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Legal Notice to BP & Queen of England
Taansen writes...
        Here it is, the Notice of Lis Pendens in plain text.  You're welcome to change fonts and colors to your liking.  I have also added an introduction.  It is a page or two long, but I felt that the Notice document to the Queen alone was not sufficient for people to adequately understand the depth, power, and magnitude of it.  The background on Voltaire as well as the invitation at the end to join our spiritual clearing calls makes a complete presentation that makes sense and fully conveys the significance of what is happening.  Hopefully you will consider it interesting for your precious readers.

      Charges against the Queen for BP's outrageous behavior        Fellow Keepers of the Sovereignty Consciousness Flame,

        Now HERE is a remedy for the Gulf oil situation AND for the global power cabal that could WORK.  After this introduction is the text of a legal document that has been filed against the British Crown on behalf of the American People and the people of the world.

        Those who are skeptical that such a strategy could bear fruit should know that this document is only one small part of a massive national and international campaign to replace the corruption in all the greatest global power structures with true enlightenment and universal justice.

        The document that follows this introduction, called "
 Notice of Lis Pendens ", is only like a leaf on a tree.  It has many branches, a giant trunk, and deep roots behind it.  Therefore those who are skeptical should realize that this document is only being published to begin the process of disclosure to the world of a deep and massive mission that has been developing for many years.

        Millions of Lightworkers who have been wishing and working for the removal of the rule of evil, have been predicting the arrests of corrupt bankers and politicians.  Most have been unaware of the exact identities of the "White Knights" who are bringing this about.  Most have been unaware of exactly HOW those arrests might happen, or WHO would organize it, other than abstract, invisible, and unknown mysterious "Masters".

        Yes . . . so true, and fair enough . . . but WHO are the Earth Allies of these Masters?  Who are the human beings, the Ground Crew, the 3D Divine Movers and Shakers who are actually getting it done?

        This mission is masterminded by our good friend Charles Miller, and partners.  He does not work for this global transformation under the specific name of "NESARA" or any other single organization or ideology.  He is connected with none of them.  He works entirely independently.

        We call him "Voltaire" in honor of the powerful eighteenth century French liberator and freedom philosopher.   This friend affectionately known today as Voltaire is entirely self-taught, having decades ago read the entire United States Code from beginning to end (about the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica), the Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, various state constitutions, American Jurisprudence, Federal Reporter volumes, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and countless other volumes of law and history. He further remembers what he read, with a photographic memory and proves it by an astounding ability to quote code numbers, sections, and content verbatim.

         Spiritually, he is likewise gifted.  He sees auras, senses entities, understands and experiences the higher dimensions, has direct contact with universal consciousness, and has devoted his life to the Divine Presence of Singularity known as the center, core, and essence of all religions and sciences.

        Born in Wyoming and raised in Montana, Voltaire has lived in many western states and traveled the world. He is the original author of many constitutional, jurisdictional, and commercial law documents that were later spread throughout the American patriot and freedom movements, and in many cases were copied under the names of other authors without credit to Voltaire.

        He was one of the first in the country to figure out the remedies in lex mercatoria (law merchant) procedures, and thus was among the original researchers and authors of the commercial enforcement strategies. Combining this knowledge with his clarity in citizenship and the independent status of sovereignty of the American individual over the Republic, the Constitution, the federal government, and the laws which we created, he was easily able to guide dozens of people to victories against corrupt officials in the IRS and other agencies of the private Federal Reserve and the public federal and state governments.

        As a result, countless Americans have been successful in discharging mortgages, canceling debts, dismissing state and federal charges, getting released from prison, and solving other problems of government tyranny, due to following the procedures and assistance that Voltaire has provided.

        For example, to attack the abuses of government in the State of Washington in 1994, he successfully coordinated for filing a commercial lien against corrupt officials who had not filed their legally required oaths of office with the Secretary of State. The lien amounted to $45,000 each-for every human being in Washington. 400,000+ people signed on to it, many of whom were able to discharge mortgages, taxes, and other debts as a result. Voltaire himself successfully converted a small portion of the lien to a six figure sum in cash, in partial compensation for his work.

        That campaign so frightened the corrupt officials that they invented the term "paper terrorist" in fear of Voltaire, and enacted legislation making it a criminal offense to file liens against public officials. This later got adopted nationwide as federal law, but what is funny about it is that it only criminalizes filing "false" liens -- i.e. liens on false pretenses without proper legal cause and properly established paper trail. 

        Since Voltaire had proper legal cause and properly established paper trail, the new law is ineffective against his liens.

        During July 16-17, 1995, Alfonse Diamato, head of the Washington Senate House Banking Committee, found in committee hearings that what Voltaire was doing was "a loophole", and that if they close the loophole they would have to shut down all the banks. (Senate Bill 1009)

        In 1995, Voltaire and his affiliate Leroy Schweitzer further developed lien instruments which were successfully negotiated by Voltaire in Indonesia for a very large amount in gold coins and gold bars via HSBC bank in Hong Kong.

        Also in January 1995 Voltaire wrote the Quo Warranto for the State of Texas, which was served on George W. Bush, who was then Governor of Texas. That is the document which officially made Texas a republic, acknowledged by the Secretary of State. It is rumored that this action greatly frustrated the senior George H. W. Bush, who was angry at his son for letting it slip through.

        In 1996 Voltaire successfully converted other very large lien instruments to gold via Credit Suisse in Geneva.  In 1997-98, Voltaire's court filings set the forces in motion which later in 2002 caused the law revision committee for the United States Code to alter their criminal rules.

        Voltaire explains that the United States of America, the Republic, is a political construction in the form of a grantor trust. This requires a body polity to be active in nature, in order to function. Voltaire was the first, and for a long time the only, American currently known who has pledged in proper legal form, on the public record, his personal political will to the trust to make it currently active.

        This therefore made Voltaire the first known trustee of the United States of America. All of the current associations assumed to be operating for, or under the umbrella of, the United States, in any guise, are simply administrators of that trust. The grantor type of trust requires that the grantor and the beneficiary be one and the same, and the American Republic is the only nation in the world with this type of government.

        In March 2004, Voltaire sent a letter with documentation stating this position to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS is the central bank of all central banks, and is therefore the hub of all global banking power. As such, its officials normally only communicate with the owners and controllers of central banks.

        Yet in response to Voltaire's communication, the BIS wrote a letter in June 2004, essentially agreeing that Voltaire was correct, thus confirming and acknowledging Voltaire's status as sole trustee for the U.S.A.
Prior to that, back in 1995, he had communicated this position to the Pope at the Vatican, challenging the Pope's little known claims to American land titles. As a result, the Pope became very ill after that.

        Voltaire has applied his ever-expanding mastery of commercial, legal, and spiritual skills to target corruption, to liberate the powers of Earth from it, and to create systems for honest, harmless, and sincere individuals everywhere.  Accordingly, his company is called Individual Resolution Systems, LLC.

        One of his main projects currently, prior to expanding the action to the British Crown, has been an American nationwide series of legal and commercial actions that are exposing the dark cabal at its heart to the light of day.  His filings against the Federal Reserve collaborate with other powers around the planet, and are far more likely to result in the end of the evil of the banking system, and the forces in government that feed on it, than all the other movements and efforts put together.

        He is fully aware of groups like Restore America Project.  Its elders consult him and have worked with him somewhat.  He sees where other groups have failed to bring the promised transformations that so many have been expecting, and that is why his approach is different.  His approach is to work as a sovereign, independently, one-on-one, actually implementing the most advanced strategies, and teaching other people to do the same.  Voltaire's view is that no one can help anyone else realize his or her sovereignty.  Each of us needs to realize it for ourselves.  All he can do is provide the example and the systems to demonstrate the success and show the way.

        There are thousands of patriot groups and justice activist organizations, but Voltaire knows of none that are actually implementing the solutions that are built right into the system. As his accomplishments increasingly culminate in the coming months and years ahead, he sees a new paradigm of collective integrity dawning for America and the world.

        The document below is one small leaf on the deeply rooted tree of the worldwide campaigns Voltaire and his associates have been implementing for the final closing out of the "last hurrahs" of the ending dark age.

        For the rapid and smooth spread of the Age of Enlightenment,
        Taansen Fairmont Sumeru

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