Sunday, June 27, 2010

The entire G20/G8 now know that Obama is a LIAR

Dear Martha,
This is exactly what Cliff was referring to…in his latest report. He said that the public would begin to view the media as liars of the first order because of the exposures that would take place beginning on the 26th of June and carrying on into July and August.
Think about it. The entire G20/G8 now know that Obama is a LIAR, illegitimate in that he is not an American citizen, a lackey of Bush Sr. and a THIEF on top of everything else. They also know that it was the USA with its Zionist banksters who put Europe in the poor house with their illegal derivatives and valueless bonds. They suspect that the BP oil mess was engineered. Many of them know that 9/11 was engineered by America’s own government and alleged “intelligence” services which have treasonously taken over this country from cooking its books to rigging its elections. THE NEXT STEP IS FOR THEM TO FREEZE OUT THIS COUNTRY until the military’s rank and file walks away from doing the bidding of these lunatics.
Bit by bit, they are arresting the banksters overseas who were working with the Bushes and Obama. They have arrested some of them in the US. The noose is growing tighter. The biggest danger is that these monsters will try to nuke somebody or unleash HAARP on them.
Naturally, the stupid media is going to prattle about war with Iran. I don’t know one person that is sane and not zionistically impaired that agrees with this idea. It is time for everybody to begin spreading the news about the latest disclosures to all their friends, relatives and communities.
Sunshine will dry up the rotting flesh of the criminals running our country.

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