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The oil spill could destroy humanity

The oil spill could destroy humanity: the hour has come for us to take responsibility for our destiny

June 20, 2010 by Jane Burgermeister

Disaster follows disaster. The pandemic flu disaster, the banking and eurozone disaster, the oil spill disaster. And all these disasters have one thing in common.

They are being artificially engineered. They are being engineered for the profit of a small group.

We know who that group is. It is the Bilderberg corporate group.

We know that they met in secret in Spain once more in June. We know who belongs to their inner core; and we know, too, who are their hired hands: the corrupt government officials, the corrupt regulators, the corrupt editors of the corporate media and the corrupt leaders of our armies.

Of all the disasters to strike us, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could, however, be potentially be the most terrible, and we must act decisively, act without delay, and act in unity to stop it.

People across the globe must unite their efforts to stop this oil spill.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could continue for four more years, the Bilderberg BP CEO Tony Hayward himself has admitted. The oil has already reached the Gulf Stream and could be distributed among all the oceans of the world through the interlinking currents of that stream. Already spotted close to the east coast of the USA, the oil will move over the Atlantic and could destroy the fishing and tourism of Europe.

The Gulf Stream is a global maritime current that will send the oil to all four corners of the globe. Everyone could be affected in the months to come whether they live in Africa or Australia or Asia or South America.

The oil pollution will prevent the proper surface evaporation of sea water for the formation of rain and so could affect the amount and distribution of rainfall across the entire world, threatening crops. In addition, the rain will be mixed with oil and serve as a vehicle for pollution.

There is no greater threat to humanity today than this Bilderberg group and their activities, specifically, the oil spill they created.

Wherever we see a major catastrophe and dig beyond the slogans of the mainstream media they control, we see evidence of this group at work. We see them at work in engineering September 9/11, 2001, to find an excuse for a war in Afghanistan and Iran to make profits from drugs and oil; and we see them at work right now as they try to engineer a world war three over Iran when even the CIA has said Iran has no nuclear weapons.

There will be no world war three.

We the people are sick and tired of the wars that cost us our blood and our freedom. We are sick and tired of the suffering being inflicted on millions, if not billions of people in the form of war, diseases and famine, by an organized crime group, and we will not tolerate any more.

Poll after poll shows that the people of Europe are as sick and tired of the Afghanistan war, fought for the profit of the Bilderberg cartel – as sick and tired as the people of the USA are of the fake war. We will not accept fake polls claiming we support a war in Iran. We do not support any such war.

We are sick and tired of the erosion of our freedoms under the pretext of having to deal with false flag terror emergencies, swine flu emergencies and war emergencies created by the Bilderbergs.

We are sick and tired of the assassination of honest politicians such as JF Kennedy and more recently, the Polish elite in an engineered plane crash in Smolensk.

And we are sick and tired of the lies of so much of the controlled corporate media.

We want our freedom back. We want true democracy. We want real accountability from the people in power and the officials in our government. We want the rule of law and order. We will no longer accept the corruption at every level of our government that is allowing all these disasters to happen.

If people 2000 years ago in ancient Greece enjoyed accountable and enlightened government, why can’t we?

It is becoming increasingly clear as the weeks pass that the Bilderberg international corporate crime syndicate has now set in motion in the Gulf of Mexico a series of events that could lead to the extinction of humanity in order to increase their short-term chance of hanging on to power as the world wakes up to their existence, to their activities and to their nature.

There is plenty of evidence that the oil spill in the Gulf was engineered by BP, Halliburton and Transocean. And yet no one from BP has been put in goal. Instead, Bilderberg President Barack Obama effectively shields BP from all responsibility, and also blocks any intervention to stop this disastrous flow of oil even though there are many methods to do so.

BP sends its private security guards to hinder access to the polluted beaches, even stopping the media. BP rules the USA, it seems. BP calls the shots. BP is the power behind the throne. BP commits any crime and we must foot the bill.

There mounting indications that BP will declare itself bankrupt when the time comes to pay the bills for the pollution and the destroyed businesses. The Bilderbergs will shift their money out of BP and to another entity.

We, the people, will have to pick up the bill for the oil spill and we will have to suffer the consequences of the destruction it causes, including possibly tsunamis.

When some billions of liters of oil have poured out from the gigantic reservoir five miles under the ocean, sea water will be sucked into the empty space by the pressure of the ocean on top. It will evaporate at the 400 degree temperatures of the surrounding rock , expand and could cause an explosion with sufficient force to rip apart the sea floor, and cause a tsunami large enough to be felt up to 200 miles inland.

In addition, an area with methane believed to be 15 to 20 miles in size is believed to be in the cavity. The highly explosive gas could blow up and cause more cracks on the sea floor, more tsunamis, more devastation.

There is plenty of evidence this oil spill is part of a long-term plan. Gerhard Wisnewski reports of the existence of a book written more than a hundred years ago that describes just such a scenario – an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – as triggering the destruction of the oceans of the world and the ecological basis of human kind’s survival.


This book was written in 1903 by a man called Gustav Meyrink, who was a member of the Theosophy circle, the esoteric group that is the ideological foundation of the Bilderberg group, the Freemasons and the Lodges, and that believes in the existence of a super race.

We reject the notion there is a genetically superior super race. If there is a super race, it is not them, not the Bilderberg s and not the Freemaons.

A super human being is, in our estimation, every human being who is spiritually evolved, who cares for their fellow human beings, who shows high ethical standards, insight into the universal laws and who does what is just no matter what the temptations of money and power might be. It is every human being who strives for enlightenment, spiritual understanding, and who struggles to live an authentic and creative life. It is every human being who is touched by the wonder of nature and who feels awe at the inherent greatness of human beings.

The Bilderbergs do not meet this standard. They are a parody of the super human being. They are the inverse of the super human being as conceived by philosophers such as Plato or described by the ancient cultures. They are amoral, nihilistic, deluded and ignorant about history, languages and culture. They display a narrow and superficial intellectualism without heart or soul or breadth of thinking.

They worship brute force, money and power. This is the same group of bankers and industrialists put the Nazis into power and their leader Adolf Hitler.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill started on 20th April, which is the date of Hitler’s birth.

This is another clue that they are at work.

We reject the idea that these Bilderbergs are the legitimate heirs of ancient civilization.

A study of the highest civilizations of the past, whether in ancient India, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt or even ancient Ireland, show they all shared a high respect for ethics and justice, an understanding of the interconnectedness of living beings and a recognition of the existence of a universal intelligence.

The Bilderbergs are the blind cave dwellers staring at shadows, so well described by Plato. They do not see the sun of truth. Their time is over and they do not recognise it.

The hour is now for people all over the world to unite against this group that has inflicted so much suffering on humanity.

We call on people in every country to set up protest groups, to make videos, to go to their local police stations and to their sheriff offices and demand the arrest of the Bilderbergs wherever they are, and, if necessary, to march themselves to make those arrests. Whether the internet functions or not is not material. We know who they are. We know where they live. We know what we must do.

It was not God’s plan that people should suffer in artificial wars, in artificial famines, in artificial vaccine holocausts, in artificial natural catastrophes such as this oil spill catastrophe.

We, the people, have a right given to live in a dignified way and we will fight for that right.

We call on everyone, whether you live in Ireland, in Germany, in Spain, in England, in the USA, in Africa, to mobilize to stop this oil spill as soon as possible and to put the people responsible into goal.

Enough is enough.

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