Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi all, the coffee is on,but not yet ‘ ready”. We are all anxious for breakthroughs, this very morning, on the many battlefronts of contention , real ,or imagined that worry us and confound us, as we break out of our sleep(ignorance). We feel like we are on a moving ship (thought) seeing in our mind’s eye, an ideal island (rest-contentment-security),Hmm! or, maybe it is a mirage (not real ,or, disinfo, even worse,spiteful propoganda). That would be hitting the damn ole reef, mate ! Where do we take,(who can we trust) how do we take(where are we going)with the willing vessel of our mind to be fitted, re-tooled and enhanced(As kowledge is power)and absolutely required for the proper advancement we are hoping to make. Upps ! that coffee is ready out there in the homeplace kitchen(my crib), smells invigorating,The garden is doing good too, let’s get some of that joe to get me up and running as I sign into The BFB, Wikipedia,Search engine No 9. Show me facts jack, show me in real time, all of it happening, when does it say ? Uncle ? Joseph of Arithemea- The Tin Man-The Wattle Church . Joseph’s ancient land deeds to lead and tin mines sitting in Glasonburry Hall, England. Excursio the wealthy mine owner mentioned in the Vulgate.Bought that rich man’s tomb, got THE body from the Roman biggies-powerful rich man he be.The missing years of JESHUA 12-30 years in the legends and stonework found at Glastonbury. “The Tales of Glastonbury” by E. Raymond Capt. The Stone of Scone(Jacob’s Pillow) sat under the English Coronation Throne. Brought to the Isle with Jerimiah , and Hezikiah’s daughters, escaping Nebuchadnezzar’s captivity(one be Scotia , Scotland named) saved Scone stone in Scotland many years. Taken by Queenie for quite a time, now back in Scotia’s nameland place. “The Star that Amazed the World ” by Ernest L. Martin presented astrological data and biblical reference that convinced the scholars and they , en masse, proceeded to change the birth date of JESHUA and WOW , over 600 Planetariums around the world show Martin’s astronomical and historical reseach in their December showings. Wow, I never knew this, but I found it while I was searching for real answers. To the root Oh ax of truth to the cherry tree, it must be told ,painful tree, I must be free,the truth be told, it’s only up to me to tell, if I do naught and assuage, it’s sin I’ve bought, and I’m, no sage. The Three Earth Ages, Satan’s and one third of the angels in rebellion ;The Result Catabal-emptying of the First Age of Earth,evidently visited by Arch Angel Lucifer, YHWH’s shining one before he rebelled.A great portion of Satan’s spiritual body and it’s powers is still chained in heaven(they ain’t happy about it- He is a louse there too),was delimited but not entirely void , of life-from, some free will and mobility to travel forth and back on the earth, as we ,and Adam and Eve well affirm. The one third of the rebellious angels are to be recycled with difficulties common to the fallen decendants of Adam and Eve’s cursed ground.YHVH hoping they will choose HIM at this opportunity,(ACTS 17:26-28 ) HE commits them to be born of woman and pass through the birth waters physiclly in The Second Earth Age of now, The Garden of Eden.JESHUA doing the same,The WORD became flesh and dwelt among us, walking our mocca sins, tempted as we are, empathizing with us in HIS fleshly shroud , but of course, not spititually frail that HE would succumb to fall into the trap of sin, which is jealous Satan’s snare for men whereby he seeks disparage YHWH. He was born in the flesh to die for us as propitiation for our sins HE became our Passsover Lamb, the real blood sacrifice which they pre-memorialized as a symbol connecting the first blood shed in The Garden Of Eden when YHWH killed two animals to cover the genetilia of Adam and Eve , which was the sites of the sin whereby they commited with Satan. Adam and Eve did not eat an apple of the Tree of Good and Evil , or their mouths would have been covered.Eve took the fruit (expataeo) seduced to the backbone. Bible says that Adam, encouraged by Eve, he also partook and begat afterwards of Satan(Abel) of this forbiden fruit of the TREE of The Knowledge of Good and Evil . A tree has branches -arms and a trunk-torso.When YHWH was in the Garden of Eden ; He was The Tree of Life. We and the angels were made in the image of YHWH, so were all his angels, including Lucifer/Satan The Third Earth Age JESHUA and YHWH reign for 1,000 years. An hour for YHWH is as five months.Cain’s lineage is not in The Davidic bllodline, umbilical cord to umbilical cord to JESHUA. Sin was brought into the world by Adam and repented sin forgiven through the blood shed by the New man, Adam, JESHUA. Cain’s forebearer is referred to be Satan. He was told to wander, but being his father’s son set up the first city he named it Enoch for his firstborn son,minted the first coins, made metal weapons, bank boxes , Ha Ha, and began the organized manipulation,supervision and control of our earliest ancestors.

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