Sunday, June 20, 2010

Human Crisis and Divine Plan

Human Crisis and Divine Plan

by Scott Mandelker, PhD


Understandably, we who seek love/wisdom (both personally and collectively) lament the perpetual darkness of Earth’s global culture. Endless warfare, institutional corruption and deceit, vast socioeconomic injustice, education and media folly, mind control commercialism and discord in family relations — all such common features of human society cause Wanderers and all who care great sorrow and pain.

And yet, our pain is due to our perspective, and our perspective is based on subtle assumptions, many of which disregard Divine Plan and more specifically, the role of Earth in galactic soul evolution. Of course, few souls here venture past their own personal distortions, let alone try to comprehend esoterics of global function in cosmic relief.

Our common view is simple and justified by common sense; however, it is childish when held up to consideration of Logoic Plan and primacy of the Law of Free Will in interdimensional soul evolution. The common spiritual novice view is this:

Human/cosmic evil is bad and should be

opposed and eliminated.

This notion stems from our own subjective bias that values love and all it implies: equity, justice, freedom, goodwill, and harmonious social structure — and there is nothing inherently wrong in it. However, all that exists is allowed to exist, and the Creator has granted primacy to free will in soul progression to allow us to choose our own paths of polarized self-development (what RA terms “service to self” and “service to other” — the ways of seeking separation and/or unity).

To Logoic being, evil is neither mistake nor tragedy, and the misery that plagues humanity is fully warranted by its own personal and collective karmic inheritance. No, the Creator does not punish, but rather, souls self-generate their own life conditions in both individual and collective formation, and all souls choose their own circumstance to catalyze learning and growth. This is one of the cornerstones of basic metaphysics.

Admittedly, these ideas are controversial and cannot be accepted without significant wisdom and awareness of multidimensional soul law. Beyond the veil, using just a common 3D-mind complex, such ideas cannot be verified nor proven; thus you may disagree. I simply present the understanding that has come to me, and it is up to you to determine its relative accuracy.


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