Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wanta funds.”

If you go to the archives on worldreports.org (under the giant lowercase “i” on the home page), you will find out about the dollar refunding program that the Queen put trillions of gold into. These trillions were stolen. If you read back even further, you will find out about the “Wanta funds.”
The Wanta funds are essentially this. When Russia converted to a market economy, the entire world pooled money to finance the transition from a command economy to a market economy. In addition, a portion of these funds were diverted to buy up Russian rubles at dirt cheap prices. When Russia’s economy rebounded, those rubles were worth trillions. All the money loaned to Russia was supposed to be paid back with interest to the countries that funded the loans.
The money that was made from the arbitrage on the Ruble was also supposed to be divided between the countries that invested. Well, first Clinton or Bush Sr. used that money to invest in stocks etc. and make a lot of money that they then wanted to steal. Then they demanded that they be given huge amounts of money in order to “release” the payments back to the loaning countries. When they were told to sit on a stick because non of the Wanta money or the arbitrage money was theirs to begin with, they conspired with corrupt members of the CIA to move the money into banks owned by the CIA like BoA.
You see, Reagan stupidly permitted the CIA to form “front companies” with taxpayer money and to keep the proceeds of these endeavors. So, the CIA creaetd all these companies including banks, took them public and distributed the money to their corrupt colleagues within the agency and abroad. This meant that our own government was COMPETING against American companies for business which is completely against the Constitution, free enterprise etc. Any money made by these ventures should have gone back into the Treasury to repay the American public who funded these businesses but it did not.
In addition to these thefts, there were some humongous settlements from lawsuits against the Federal Government brought by FARMERs who discovered many illegal activities by the Feds, investigated it and then brought suit to stop it and to repay the farmers for the economic damages that they suffered. These settlements were diverted and stolen by Bush Sr.
As you can see, despite what many think, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. were some of the worst Presidents in the history of this country. Clinton (Winthrop Rockefeller’s illegitimate son) was also terrible because he participated in the thefts as a member of the CIA. The same holds true for Hillary Rodham (a Rothschild descendant).
I hope that this helps.

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