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The Bilderberg Planning Session Ends: What’s In Store?

The Bilderberg Planning Session Ends: What’s In Store?
June 28, 2010 by Bob Livingston
Forget global warming. It’s off the table. The new push from global climate “science” is going to be global COOLING.
How do I know? It was one of the main topics at the Bilderberg 2010 conference June 4-6 in Spain. That’s where the movers and shakers in government, politics, finance, industry, labor, education and communications—as the group’s own website says—meet in secret for “informal and off-the-record discussion about topics of current concern especially in the fields of foreign affairs and the international economy.”
These are the New World Order folks. This was their 58th annual meeting
In the coming months expect to hear a lot of talk in the main stream media and out of the fascists in government on the issues of social networking and cyber technology (this has already started—see Kill Switch Would Kill The Internet). A world food crisis of some kind will manifest itself. Medical science will be a hot topic—perhaps another “medical emergency” created by Big Pharma and hyped by the World Health Organization (WHO), much as the false pig flu epidemic of 2009 was. And the solution will enrich select drug companies and WHO researchers.
Financial reform was a hot topic (already there’s been talk in Congress of propping up the International Monetary Fund, and a move toward a new global currency is in the works); perhaps efforts to prolong the economic crisis to open the way for a global economic governance. Energy (the BP spill dominated discussions), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran (were plans for the coming strike hammered out?) and relations between Europe and the United States were other topics.
Of course you didn’t see any news about the Bilderberg meeting if you watched the Big Three news networks or cable. And even though Donald Graham, the chairman and CEO of The Washington Post Co., was an attendee, none of the major U.S. newspapers covered it, either. (Though The Post has already published an editorial pushing a Bilderberg policy by calling for making the International Monetary Fund a global overseer.)
Two rapporteurs, as they call them across the pond, from The Economist were on the guest list. I wonder when their report on the meeting will appear in print.
About the only reporting from the conference came from the British newspaper The Guardian and a couple of people representing alternative media, like long-time Bilderberg chaser Jim Tucker of the American Free Press—the type of coverage that the Internet kill switch bill would eliminate.
Who are these movers and shakers that—as even they are now admitting—meet to shape world policy and push for one world government?
From the U.S. representing government you have former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former World Bank head James Wolfensohn, former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman, Assistant Secretary of State Phillip Gordon, Barack Obama’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, Undersecretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs Robert Hormats, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag, former Treasury Secretary and current Co-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Robert Rubin and former Fed Chairman Paul Volker, now the chairman of Obama’s economic recovery board.
From the university side are Harvard professors Martin Feldstein and Niall Ferguson and the President and Director of Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Eric Lander.
From the U.S. corporate side are Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (whose foundation recently spent $10 billion to give deadly vaccines to children around the world), Google CEO Eric Schmidt, financier and Trilateral Commission member Timothy Collins, Goldman Sachs board member and Trilateral Commission member James A. Johnson, Alcoa head and former Bayer AG and Citigroup board member Klaus Kleinfield, Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts and Co. (KKR) head Henry Kravis and Paypal founder Peter Thiel.
Do you recognize the names of any of those corporations? They’ve been in the news a lot lately regarding the collapse of U.S. financial system. There are still others representing corporations and think tanks that shape policy and influence the elected elitists who aren’t important enough to be invited to the meetings.
From Europe there are corporatists and bankers and heads of state—some with names you’d recognize like Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (a major shareholder in Royal Dutch Shell), former European Commission Vice President Viscount Etienne Davignon, former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana, Queen Sofia of Spain, Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Grecian Minister of Finance George Papaconstantinou and members of parliament from several European nations.
Important people, all. Is it likely they have four or five days—with travel and all—to sit around and shoot the breeze and jawbone about the world’s problems like a bunch old geezers at the local coffee shop?
Not hardly. Which is why the claims from official Bilderberg documents that they pass no resolutions, take no votes and issue no policy statements stretch credulity. Especially after 58 years.
They may not do any of those things for public consumption. But you can bet that behind closed doors—which are locked to all but the chosen few and guarded by a security team that would make the Secret Service look like a bunch of amateurs—a lot of decisions were made on upcoming world events.
The New World Order folks were dealt a setback when the emails exposing the hoax of global warming were leaked. They thought that was their ticket to one world governance. And a few of them have publicly lamented that so many are awakening to their existence.
But they’re not done. Cap and Trade is one of their brainchildren, and the BP spill has been like a defibrillator for that atrocity’s heart. Obama is promoting open borders—while holding Arizona hostage—and the Russians and Chinese are pushing a global currency. And they know Obama is on board with the Small Arms Treaty (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said so) that would effectively eliminate personal ownership of firearms—one of their and the United Nation’s main goals. Obama’s just got to find a way around that pesky Constitution (can you say Elena Kagan?)
Hold on to your hats. After all the rah-rahs, glad handing and back slapping in Spain, the globalists are once again amped up and the push for global governance is on.
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