Sunday, June 20, 2010

orgonite and ethenic warrors

My understanding of what happened regarding prophecy is that following the Montauk and Philadelphia experiments, our time line was split off, sheared, from what was before and things became much more fluid and, therefore Casey’s, and other’s, prophecies became inaccurate. http://educate-yourself.org/ab/abglobalscienceinteviewpart2aug97.shtml Al Bielek (the only survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment), who Don and Carol Croft met and spoke with personally, attests to this. It is as if the Scoundrels, in their Hubris, screwed up and made things worse for themselves. They have been desperately trying to move back towards what was originally ‘programmed’/likely. There are several groups working to affect the time line towards positive outcomes. One of them, the Psychics associated with Etheric Warriors, I know and have met several of them. In fact the following post, today, illustrates some of these efforts: http://www.ethericwarriors.com/ip/viewtopic.php?p=7174&sid=42eeeb352c0347574ea35a8f8b655b4c#p7174

The future is still utterly fluid. Really, it is up to us to shape it. I truly believe that Orgonite is a key tool provided to us to affect a positive outcome from this mess.

BTW, Orgonite is proven (of course, proven by experience and observation of many individuals in the movement, rather than by the White Smocked clowns of Corporate Academia) to mitigate Nuclear Radiation and its effects on Humans and the Environment, regarding the recent revelations of the Radioactive Component of the Oil Leaks in the GOM.

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