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Serge Monast was a French-Canadian journalist with intense convictions. His beat was the Pentagon. One day while calling on a general there, he was left alone in a room with a folder marked “OPERATION BLUE BEAM.” That folder was on the general’s desk and Monast opened it. What he found so upset him that he took the folder and copied it and then snuck the folder back into the generals’s desk. According to Monast, the folder was laying on the desk with a group of folders. (I am sort of suspicious of the story because I can’t imagine that a general would leave a top secret anything out where a journalist would have access to it—unless the general WANTED THE STORY OUT.

Setting aside the general’s motivation for putting the folder out, let’s turn to what the folder said. The folder said that the DoD was going to conduct a false alien invasion in order to take over the world. The invasion was going to consist of many many high tech space vessels. These vessels would be preceded by holographic images of Jesus, Buddah, Allah and other venerated beings appearing in the sky and urging all the people in every land to put their weapons down and get ready for a new age.

Once the people had surrendered, they would be rounded up and classified by their intellectual capabilities, skills and health for survival or culling. Stupid healthy people would be sent to camps where they would be killed and their organs reclaimed for use by sick rich old people. Bright people who might cause problems would be sent to reeducation camps. The bodies of those killed would be processed for FOOD for the rest of the population.
Everybody would be stripped of all their possessions as those would be claimed by the new world ruling class who would be the pretend aliens and their “friends” on earth.

A new world religion would be presented to the people. This religion would feature the worship of NATURE (GAIA) or ETs/their friends on earth. Now, Monast had a terrible time believing what he was reading, but he did a little poking around and became convinced that this Operation Blue Beam was for real. (There are videos by Monast’s friend on YouTube or there used to be) Monast set up a television show with a friend where he was going to reveal this operation. He went to the show. Within one week, both Monast and his friend had died of heart attacks. For those that don’t know about the DoD’s ability to cause heart attacks, google John Akwei and his case against the NSA.

Eventually, the Monast story got circulated via the Internet. It caught many people’s attention during the Bush administration because one feature of the story was that TRAINS would be used to convey the rounded up people to their camps. This information seemed to fit into the strange renovations of the Missouri regional airport that rerouted trains into the facility.

Now, it is difficult to understand what the relationship of Operation Blue Beam might be to the NWO (one faction) and the Illuminati (another older faction of the one world governmentalists). To understand how these factions fit into the entire picture, it is important to understand the Fabian Socialists.

Visit this site for a good overview of how the occult, Satanic and Fabian Socialist groups all come together.


Also, check out Anthony Sutton’s book on the Bolsheviks and Wall Street which I provided links for on a previous Ben article.

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