Monday, June 28, 2010

Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton Mob

I read Ben’s post, ‘thenew’ once again, as posted by hutz, a coupe of posts back.
What strikes me is the following relationship: The Rothschild Iluminati, and their Masonic Secret Government compared to the Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton Mob is like the ‘Frying Pan’ as compared to the fire.
I am dismayed to see the Rothschild faction, and the Masons uplifted, by Ben, into the role of saviors and guardians of civilization. Moreover, Ben asserts that they (Rothschilds) were secretive, and discriminated against for being Jews. Ask yourself, what is a Jew? Is it a racial, or ethnic, category of human? Or is it a follower of the Judaic faith, the teachings in the Old Testament and the Torah?
There is a huge diference between Judaism (The Religion) and Zionism (A Geopolitical Movement).
Mayer Amschel, the founder of the Rothschild (Red Shield) clan was neither of Israelite or Judaean blood. He was a Kazar not a Semite. Kazaria, once a kingdom of great power, a warlike and despotic kingdom that rulled the region north of Persia, south of Russia, East of Europe, and West of Asia between the 700s and 1200AD. The Kazar rulers converted to Judaism as a Geopolitical expediency, as best determined by researchers. After the kingdom was destroyed, a great emigration from Kazaria towards eastern Europe ensued. THAT is the legacy of the Rothschilds and such are the roots of Zionism.
The Rothschilds may be very Intelligent; however, they were instrumental in the deaths of millions of ‘their own’ peoples, funded both sides of two world wars, created the Soviet Union and pitted it against their other creation, the United States of America, for their own purposes. They are an evil, rapacious, satanist, cabal of scoundrels only marginally less insane than their totally out of control American progeny (Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton Mob).
I don’t know what game Ben is playing with the Rothschilds… Besides, the Rothschilds went begging to China for funds to take over some banks a few years ago and were turned down, they are not the power house that they were… Who knows, maybe Ben feels they can be negotiated with… Maybe he feels they are willing to be sensible and therefore his attempt to elevate their status within the ranks of we who seek human emancipation from slavery… I don’t know; but, it still stinks…. And the stench cannot be masked by any liberal application of ‘perfume’.
PS: composed on my phone without spell check…

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