Friday, August 27, 2010

This photo on this home page c. 1895 is a 12 foot mummy d

This photo on this home page c. 1895 is a 12 foot mummy


Explanations and resources for many of this 3D matrix world's "unexplained" things are provided here. Tptb(the powers that be) have been lying to us for centuries. The results of the conspiracy are all around us, yet we do not recognize them because of conditioning & other insidious causes. The so-called "Illuminati" are clearly behind much of remolding reality documentable to at least the late 1700's via internet research & due diligence on your part. But, who or more clearly what is behind them? They are/were all shells controlled by something else. This photo on this home page c. 1895 is a 12 foot mummy dug up in the SW-US. All evidence, but this picture, gone to posterity. Made to disappear by whom? Why? To cover up the truth of this planets history is the conclusion. It is just one example & represents a tiny area of the massive conspiracy to control the perception of reality by the general public. This group is meant to be a place to share information about all the aspects of this massive conspiracy and to share solutions which empower individuals. Knowledge is power, and in this case extreme power is needed to extricate oneself from the dilema of mind-control & wage-slavery we find ourselves in now. Have you not said to yourself sometime in your life, "There is something wrong with this picture..."? If so, you may very well find something here of use to you. Enforced rule: NO flaming, direct, implied or otherwise. NO SPAM. Avail yourself of the free information in the files section upon joining. And post freely.


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