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Axing the Bankers’ Money Tree: Homeowners’ Rebellion against Wall Street
Recent Rulings Could Shield 62 Million Homes from Foreclosure
By Ellen Brown
URL of this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20688
Global Research, August 19, 2010
webofdebt.com – 2010-08-18
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 7:59 am

MEXICO CITY—Gunmen from a drug cartel appear to have massacred 72 migrants from Central and South America who were on their way to the U.S., a grisly event that marks the single biggest killing in Mexico’s war on organized crime.
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 8:14 am

Foodrules…Just the behind the scenes information on Glen Beck is not very encouraging. Some call him a satanist also so I wonder really what is going on but others have made the trip to see Beck from as far away as florida to hear him say nothing. Foodrules, were you hearing good or bad news????? Here we are again in a world of confusion. MK has my address and so does Paladin or Lew but lew is out of touch.
Comment by chrisb on August 26, 2010 @ 9:29 am

Hello to all,John Mccain has introduced a couple of Senate bills that are interesting,…..S 3002 & S 3081,3002 allows the FED to detain American citizens indefinitely,without trial,more than likely tied into HS & 3081 would allow the FED to regulate all health & natural foods,along with vitamins,supplements,& minerals,…I do not know if this ties in or over rides the S 510 bill proposed,which is quite nasty as well,….Gee I wonder if Monsanto has been lobbying anywhere Mr Mccain,…Peace to all,RCG
Comment by rcg335 on August 26, 2010 @ 9:56 am

Patriotkate, hope you are right. It’s about time. Still need an explanation from Foodrules. Can you send me that message.
Comment by chrisb on August 26, 2010 @ 10:00 am

What makes you think that Glenn Beck would be announcing someting to do with RAP or its successor? I’m going to be in D.C. at his event Saturday, so is that what you’re thinking?
I do watch Glenn Beck nearly every day. I don’t watch any of the rest of them anymore. I see lots of negative things about him, but they all come from people who spout what they read that is usually a fabrication of what they presumed he said or did in his show like there isn’t video to dispute their outrageous claims? And, they obviously don’t watch his show, so there’s not credibility to their claims. The comments are not based on watching his show or hearing him on the radio.
I have had my issues with him, just like the rest of the media but we know that they are all controlled. I maintain that the Fox owners had no idea how popular Beck would become and by the time they tried to reign him him, he was too popular and Beck is thus in a better position to call some of the shots. So, he pushes the envelope and exposes all the Communist stuff about Obama, but follows the government lies of 911. I think all of them are under orders to steer clear of 911, the Eligibility issue, things like the supposed FEMA camps. (If you read his book Overton Window, it’s clear he knows much of what all of us know, because much of it is part of the story, including a character that appears to be the real life Alex Jones.)
The service that he has done though it to educate a hungry public about our country’s founding, the history that has been re-written and vital history eliminated – like, we have Black Founders who fought side by side with everyone else in the Revolutionary War. He’s inspired and encouraged the formation of independent 912 groups all over the country that are now doing tremendous good in their local communities. If you are inspiring people to take action, can you be a bad guy?
Did you know that we had a Black Speaker of the House of Representatives in the late 1700’s???? I didn’t until I learned it on Beck’s Black Founding Fathers show.
I think he is mostly a Libertarian and I have a tough time thinking he has evil intentions.He’s done too good a job of helping Americans rediscover their history which is contributing to the grassroots success in changing things.
I’ll be in D.C. on Saturday and will do a report next week.
Comment by patriotkate on August 26, 2010 @ 10:55 am

Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine… Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy LIVE please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm3PYZ0N7Dg&feature=related
[8:11:49 PM] tweetybird194: U.S. government panel now pushing “vaccinations for all!” No exceptions http://www.eutimes.net/2010/06/us-government-panel-now-pushing-vaccinations-for-all-no-exceptions/
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 11:04 am

I agree with you about beck.
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 11:09 am

Brawls at the Fed, as the System Comes Down
August 25, 2010 • 7:15AM
A senior Washington intelligence source reported this morning that a serious fight has erupted inside the Federal Reserve over hyperinflation, and that people close to the Fed are going to be leaking details, which means the fight will intensify and become more public. He added that that fight is now erupting inside this week’s annual Jackson Hole economic summit of the Fed, whose host, Thomas Hoenig of the Kansas City Fed, has publicly dissented from Bernanke’s hyperinflationary decisions at each of the last eight meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee. And indeed, sources at that Jackson Hole gathering report that it is an extremely interesting one, especially its off-the-record discussions.
Lyndon LaRouche responded, “I’m not surprised about the brawl in the Fed; for me it’s not commentary. I know what’s going on. If we don’t get rid of this President, you’re not going to have a country. We’re talking about very short term. I think interpreting events is a mistake, because you’re not interpreting the non-events, or the events which are happening but which are not being reported or not being referred to.”
Returning to this topic, he added, later: “The break actually happened several weeks ago, and what you’re seeing with this Jackson Hole meeting of the Fed, and things like that, is you’re seeing reflections of the fact that anybody on the inside knows, without any statistical mumbo-jumbo, that this system is coming down fast.”
Similarly, today’s Wall St Journal reports that the Aug 10 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, whose decision to purchase hundreds of billions of Treasuries was part of the Weimar-hyperinflationary turn in policy that LaRouche had forecast, was the “most contentious” such meeting in “bubbles” Ben Bernanke’s four-plus-year tenure as Chairman. Although Hoenig was the only dissenter on the final vote, the Journal reports that no fewer than seven of the seventeen committee members expressed serious reservations concerning that insane decision.
On Monday, Aug 23, Hoenig testified before a field hearing of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. In his testimony, available at the website of the Kansas City Fed, Hoenig showed that it is the community banks which are still providing credit to American businesses, while the bailed-out Wall Street banks have ceased to do so for practical purposes. But that the great danger to these community banks is the “too-big-to-fail” giants of Wall Street. The Kansas City Fed website also features Hoenig’s address to a Lincoln, Nebraska, Town Hall Meeting of Aug. 13, where he detailed his arguments against Bernanke’s zero-interest rate policy. Sources around the Fed report that Hoenig feels obligated to publicize his opposition the more, because of the large numbers of other opponents who are unable to go public as of now.
Additionally, on Tuesday, Aug. 24, Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher gave a Fox Business News interview expressing cautious reservations about the Bernanke policies in diplomatic language. Both Hoenig and Fisher are Glass-Steagall supporters who also supported the Sen. Blanche Lincoln efforts to limit bank derivatives trading.
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Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 11:16 am

Well at least there are a couple of level headed ones at the fed. Actually it might be well if they give Bernanke free rein as that will lead to its demise so much faster.
Any duck hunters here? Hutz, I know you must be one.
Duck truck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SUOrMKwzSc
Comment by kohala889 on August 26, 2010 @ 11:29 am

Support Americans not Wars: Gerald Celente – 20 August 2010
Web bot report from August 2010. 1 of 6
Comment by g7enn on August 26, 2010 @ 11:31 am

floyd, im not sure what your asking,the yields on gmo corn are by far greater than non gmo,if you reread my post you will find that i said nothing about gmo being nutritionally better.iknow that isnt true.what i said was it is less expensive to put in the ground and to get to maturity. I understand that it is bad.if it were less yield and more expensive no farmer would use.I know i have both gmo and non gmo in ground now.And have had since gmo corn has been on the market.
Comment by jtgun on August 26, 2010 @ 11:49 am

I was just wondering where hutz got that info; if that was his feelings on the subject or someone else’s statement. I am just sitting on the fence watching the wierd world go by. We are part of a peaceful group; who knows what to call ourselves at this point. RAP, no RAP, RAP, no RAP. Not part of Tim Turner’s though; just watching. Glenn Beck doesn’t interest me.
I’m still working on making TB’s. Finally got the resin. Tomorrow I’m going to the thrift shop to get teflon muffin tins and scout for pyramid shape ideas. Those pyramids look just so neat! We have lots of metal filings of different kinds, and copper. I can see how this would be very satisfying to do in one’s community. We have a cell tower in sight of our house. Ugh!
Sorry, chrisb, if you were expecting something profound. I am not a profound person!
Comment by foodrules on August 26, 2010 @ 1:06 pm

Ben and Ya’ALL
What is the Food and Drug Administration for, alerting us that there is a problem,or preventing problems that threaten our food supplies ,medicines, potable water, soil & water contamination, watershed protection, and other health concerns regarding pecticides, herbicides, industrial contaminates, and application by farmers and municipal governments ?????
It seems that big business is far more successful in attaining their objectives , than the consumers and the public concerns and interests regarding these matters.
Do we have any recommendations to give them ?
They have a job to do and they don’t do it very well. Maybe we need to create an health oversight committee to advocate for the citizens,a pro-active defense of human enviormental concerns.
enviormental conflicts of interests
Comment by wbstreck on August 26, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

Klaatu, Hope, Hope
(John Woloschuk)
Hope is like a lighthouse keeper’s beam
Hope the master cobbler of our dreams
For Hope believes in desert streams
The mightiest of stars
The microcosm in a jar
Vast or small they all revolve on Hope
Hope the guardian angel of the dove
Hope a gift of guidance from above
For Hope is the heart in mother’s love
No plans could be conceived
No ships could fare the seas
For there would be no courage were it not for Hope
Now the path before us lies before our very eyes
Don’t you see
And it leads up to the gateway
Lead me through
Don’t you see
Then come and take my hand
Raise up your head
And dry your eyes
For up ahead I see
Woh woh yeah
A ray of peace
A-shining on me
So let us feel Hope
And feel the sunrise in our minds
To give Hope is to enlighten all mankind
Ah but lose Hope and life seems black as blind
When faith gives way to fear
When motivation disappears
All is lost if one abandons Hope
All is lost
If one abandons Hope
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)
(John Woloschuk / Terry Draper)
In your mind you have abilities you know
To telepath messages through the vast unknown
Please close your eyes and concentrate
With every thought you think
Upon the recitation we’re about to sing
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft
You’ve been observing our earth
And we’d like to make a contact with you
We are your friends
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants and interplanetary ultra-emissaries
We’ve been observing your earth
And one night we’ll make a contact with you
We are your friends
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, quite extraordinary craft
Please come in peace we beseech you
Only a landing will teach them
Our earth may never survive
So do come we beg you
Please interstellar policemen
Won’t you give us a sign
Give us a sign that we’ve reached you
With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes
You concentrate
Together that’s the way
To send the message
We declare World Contact Day
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft
Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants
Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

Carpenters – Calling Occupants Of Enterprise
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

this totally off topic but i just found this video and i thought it was hilarious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyUxs_Hodn8&feature=sub
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 1:55 pm

ALERT – Tim Turner declares he’s President of United States – Restore America Plan RAP
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:02 pm

The Enquirer: Michelle Is Angry At Barack For Going On A Date With Oprah http://www.newsrealblog.com/2010/08/25/the-enquirer-michelle-is-angry-at-barack-for-going-on-a-date-with-oprah/
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:23 pm

The Enquirer: Michelle Is Angry At Barack For Going On A Date With Oprah h
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

bama administration indicts America–State Department reports on U.S. human right violations It describes how the United States discriminates against the disabled, homosexuals, women, Native Americans, blacks, Hispanics and those who don’t speak English. There is the expected pandering to Muslims http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/aug/25/obama-administration-indicts-america/
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:25 pm

POPS FROM TEXAS×5q4/cds/media/23937/episodes/246084/prepareradio-246084-08-25-2010_pshow_406379.mp3?dopvhost=media.podshow.com&doppl=3ef7b25972824f6972d24f6937c2f7a9&dopsig=35be26e3fa4613b75b230c2451cc7d85
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

This was taken from skype .========================================
tom was the one who lied to Tim about the military. Tom was the liason to the milirary – he is a liar
[12:18:17 AM] bonnie-bernard: bull
[12:18:20 AM] bonnie-bernard: he is a fake
[12:18:29 AM] bonnie-bernard: read the link for the truth
[12:18:38 AM] bonnie-bernard: http://law.onecle.com/constitution/004-historical-note.html
[12:18:52 AM] bonnie-bernard: he has a restraining ordetr on him
[12:19:20 AM] bonnie-bernard: tom is a liar – he stung along tim about the military all this time
[12:19:47 AM] bonnie-bernard: The military won’t work with tom – they are now with tim
[12:20:17 AM] bonnie-bernard: don’t worry – the deception will come out in the wash
[12:20:34 AM] bonnie-bernard: did you listen to /tim’s call?
[12:22:12 AM] bonnie-bernard: Militias are going to get that movement stopped – dangerous
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

taken from skype
Yesterday I was having one enlightenment after another. I heard God telling/showing me all sorts of things. I finally sat down and put it all on paper and sent Tim an email tonight. Here are some excerpts from that email. . . .for what it’s worth.
1. God showed me that He is absolutely overshadowing and endorsing the Restored American Republic with Tim as our President. He made that super clear.
2. God showed me that He is heavily testing us all right now. He is aware of those that are passing this heavy testing and choosing the Light and staying with it. Many have not passed these tests, and it appears they have made a “Y” in the road, and they are choosing this new path (Livingston, Tom, Regan, etc). He showed me that He is not endorsing or blessing this other path (this path is creating confusion and arguments and dissention, which are not attributes of God).
3. God also showed me that these heavy testings are similar to when Lucifer fell from Heaven and took 1/3 of the heavenly hosts with him (a choice between dark and light . . .a choice between truth and lies). He showed me that, because of these testings, we may lose many people from this path.
4. He showed me that this “house cleaning” so to speak was absolutely necessary Before the funding of the Republic can happen. Those that can pass these tests and remain “calm in the midst of the storms” and stay unwaivered and centered in His Light will be the ones that He wants guiding His Ship, the Republic of America. He said the cream will rise to the top. He made that clear to me.
5. He said this “house cleaning” has to be done now because once the funding comes through, things will start to move very quickly and we can’t have unlighted ones with important titles in important positions. It would be much harder to clean house and get rid of them then. When the funding opens up, God wants those who have passed these tests today and have aligned with His plan to be the ones to carry out His important next steps.
Really, I think God is speaking to all of us right now and telling us all these same things. And those with eyes to see and ears to hear with know it.
He also reminded me of these things from the Bible:
“Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.”
With all the disinformation and attacking going, I think that many are feeling like they are being crucified, but remember that you are in great company!
Another thing God reminded me of too:
“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”
It’s the road less traveled!! It’s the hardest road to travel, but it brings with it the greatest outcome. Everyone is choosing which road they will travel right now.
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:39 pm

[1:37:00 AM] songsofpeace: OPops Aug 23rd- http://www.mevio.com/episode/245715/t.r.a.p.-insider-update-9.23.10
This link works better for the above http://m.podshow.com/media/23937/episodes/245715/prepareradio-245715-08-23-2010.mp3
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

[8/24/2010 10:01:30 AM] J Smith- Outlaw: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/nesara/news/news.php?q=1282664226
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:44 pm

more from skype
The real deal is the REAL leadership is continuing to bring this country to Freedom.
America has been restored.
The housecleaning is done. The tree has been pruned.
Many who “were” a part of RAP and left were there for selfish and greedy reasons.
They have been exposed.
Those exposed will even continue to lie and attempt to divide, but it will be a worthless
endeavor. They have fallen.
Those who have chosen the path of division will walk in deception unless they repent and turn from
their evil ways. Their choice.
God cleaned house. The signature of God is all over the house cleaning of RAP.
This had to happen so God could continue His plan and use those who are WHOLE!
Kennedy, Davis, Reegan and Tom had to go because of their own sin.
I and others never heard Kennedy end his prayers in the name of Christ. As for the
others it is pretty easy to see.
It is obvious WHO instigated this division, WHO has chosen to follow those instigators
and WHO on this page continue to create confusion, as confusion is a tool used by satan.
Those on this RAP 1 page who will continue to slander TT are exposed for who they really are.
Those who choose to stay on the fence are useless feeders who have little to no decision making
capabilities. Period. So be it. You have chosen.
Anyone who has chosen to walk in line with leaders who insist martial law is necessary in every state
to restore this republic, or those who believe violence, revenge, and division is the only way to Freedom are
in for a rude awakening.
It is laughable that the ego’s who thought they could destroy RAP and that most
of the juries would follow them have egg on their faces right now.
Reagan and Tom want martial law and think they can create their own plan. It has failed!
Livingston has a devils heart and that is obvious by his own writings here: (thank you Rose)
Any person who quotes scripture in one verse and writes the above is a heathen, no matter what the
rest of his site says. It is filled with demonic hate and he is an unfit leader. Not a leader at all.
Livingston is one of the people deeply involved in the separation of RAP and his true colors are shown.
God has exposed him. So be it!
Please read that document. If you still do not see the evil in those words and continue to sit on the mindless fence
then you have scales over your eyes. You cannot see the truth and sometimes GOD will put those scales over
your eyes because your heart is not pure.
The above people and those who pick up disinfo and run with it or those who have blatantly slandered Tim Turner
will probably continue to do so.
The decisions these people make are for who? Ask yourself that question.
Ask yourself WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS? Ask yourself who has a foul mouths. Ask yourself WHO wants
martial law. Friday nights call with Reagan said it all. His words, “mute that “F###$%” Why did he want
that person muted. Perhaps that person was telling the truth.
I know who Tim Turner is, and I know WHO guides him, and I know how much Turner loves this country,
and the light of Christ is all over him.
The office building in place will have a 24 hour prayer team day in and day out to be a witness
and protector of the Republic. That is the America I want.
Now turn your hearts around an repent to our Father in Heaven and lets move on with freeing the enslaved.
Comment by hutz on August 26, 2010 @ 2:46 pm

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