Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restore American Plan - Restore America Plan (RAP) Update 08/09/10

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Restore American Plan - Restore America Plan (RAP) Update 08/09/10
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Introduction – What we are going to do is provide bits and pieces of verifiable information we pick up along with deductive reasoning and logic to take a look at Restore America Plan and its progress. We do not put a lot of stock into leaked insider information. We have no way of knowing who is real and who is not. We have no way of knowing if the information passed on by someone is real or not. So we listen to this information as we become aware of it, but just put it in the black box for future reference.
We have become aware of the fact that RAP has some enemies other than the de facto government. Some of these enemies are more vocal than others. There are people out there who wish RAP to fail. Why is a good question, isn't it? If RAP fails that leaves us with the de facto government with all their ominous plans for us. If you wish to see the country restored it is not that important who does it, in my humble opinion.
RAP and the Military – First let's catch our breath and take a look at the whole enchilada here. RAP has the military support. The military is a massive organization. The military has a massive intelligence network. They engage in counter intelligence and collection of positive intelligence. Because the National Guard is under the military in the de facto government the military runs domestic intel operations to stay on top of events that may affect the national guard. In the old days this was called the CIC or counter intelligence corps. This has become Military Intelligence. They interface with all the Homeland Security, FBI type agencies going to the briefings, etc. My point is the military is powerful and has tentacles that reach out everywhere in the world. So the military is exercising caution. This is understandable.
Once the military publicly announces it is supporting RAP the bridge is burned, there is no going back. This can explain their anxious behavior and wanting certain persons removed in the past. The military is going to expect and demand on certain concessions or they will not play ball. This is their right. Thus comes secrecy into the picture. They can always go out and select a different group if they want to. If they pulled from RAP I think you would see arrests or at least a breaking up of RAP and disbanding the interim government. So there is going to be some deal making to keep the military happy.
It was made clear to me that the military is clearly for a constitutional government and common law. On this they are not deviating. Yeah. It appears the military wishes to have the real government reinhabited leaving the federal corporation to run out of money and go away. They need to avoid any semblance of a military coup to keep people as calm as calm can be under the circumstances. Think about this one for a minute. They are apparently working with Rodney of rayservers and Rod Class on talkshoe, to file the judicial notice on all the executives, Supreme Court, members of Congress etc as well as the Hague Court that the federal corporation is illegal and the real government is going to be reinhabited. It also cites numerous violations of law. The de facto government failed to answer. So now the military has judicial notice and possibly a decision from the Hague that has not been publicized to support their position.
The military also has a constitutional government to report to in place of the federal corporation. Thus the 50 grand juries to vote the interim government into office. This was probably the most important function of the grand juries so far. So you can see one aspect of this was to enable the military to avoid things looking like a coup and it really is reinhabiting the vacated offices. So this is one complexity that few fail to take into account. We get mixed reports of the grand juries being trained, not trained etc. We think there is some variance as to the degree of training they got. It does seem that they had phone conference training for some months. RAP has a lot of international dimensions behind it. The grand juries are one small but necessary cog in the wheel necessary to set up a constitutional interim government. Without the interim government that was no lawful body to receive the funding and without the funding well nothing will go forward. I do expect the grand juries will move forward and do their job but this may be more on a state level, they are after all designated by state. I am not expecting a lot of witch hunt trials of the de facto government officials past or present.
What is a Constitutional Starting Government – This is a good question. We are hitting the reset button and booting up a new government. How does one do this anyway? Some have correctly stated that Ben Franklin was the first postmaster and he was appointed. He had a lot of power and this would be a good start BUT there is a problem. Ben Franklin was appointed into the position by the Congress. Whoops so we need to have a de jure congress to appoint a postmaster. Two points for Rap here since they are starting with a de jeur congress. Anyway if there was another way to appoint a Postmaster which possibly there is although we are not aware of any other route, think what would happen. People would say bad things about whoever this postmaster was. His background would be questioned as would his motives, faith, integrity and many would say who the heck is he and why him. See what I mean. A John Doe Postmaster or Tim Turner President gets you to the same place – division which is going to be unavoidable, just hope it to be minimal. People have not learned to be in unity yet. This will come but it is not there now. A house divided unto itself will not stand, a bible quote folks. The sovereigns need to try for more unity. They have common goals, don't they? The cast of players in the interim government cannot possibly be that important. The bad guys are the de facto government not Turner and the interim government.
Unconstitutional Government Agencies – I have heard talk of a continuing Homeland Security, FBI, etc. These are not constitutional agencies, agreed. Why? Well the power to enforce laws inside the states by the fed is usurped, clearly and there is no debating here. So why would they do this?
First let me say I expect that these agencies over time will be legitimatized which should mean incorporated into the states government to a good extent but hear me out. There are a lot of problems facing the new government. Many will not like the change. It is estimated that there are really 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in the USA. They will need to go and go fast, like real fast. This is trouble waiting to happen. Mexico will take a bad hit under RAP, even to the point of collapsing. Every month billions of dollars are sent to Mexico by illegal workers. Mexico makes even more from sales of narcotics into the nation. This develops drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes that spread disease and immorality, and supports organized crime from foreign lands. These illegal workers use the social support systems of the country. Pay no taxes, use the hospitals, schools, etc and have anti-american principles. They would like to merge the USA with Mexico at the expense of we the people. They need dealing with and fast. This is one area where the federal law enforcement agents come in. They do have the lawful power to control immigration.
Perhaps they are going to put them to work on this monumental task which will take some time, this is not a 90 day project. There are also several million gang members in the country which need breaking up, incarceration and deportation. These gangs combined with the millions of illegal aliens are a major potentially violent threat to the republic. Also let us not forget the de facto government has left the border open. They have tunnels with reinforced concrete large enough to drive large trucks through. This means muslim terrorists have infiltrated into the land. They may decide it is time to start trouble as well. Sure this is correctly the job of the state militias, but these militias need to be staffed up and the members trained. There are a handful of active state militias with little staffing. They need funding, training, equipment etc. The military will probably be only too happy to help with training and equipment, but folks there is a serious vulnerability during the transition. It can take easily one year (probably 18 months) to get serious militias trained and in place. Someone is going to have to close the borders during this time and thus you have the federal police. How can they close the borders lawfully to illegal traffic?
Remember they have lawful constitutional jurisdiction over the following: customs which includes smuggling to avoid such importation tariffs, immigration, armed foreign armies invading to pillage, plunder, murder, rob, kidnap etc. An army can be a small band of criminals that are trained, equipped, paid etc by a larger army of criminals. This is plain and simple an enemy invasion. Then they can enforce piracy laws when our friendly neighbors hijack vessels private or public. They can police international ports and international borders. The fed can also enforce laws pertaining to treason as in terrorists looking to destroy, kill etc. to destabilize the government. The fed can also protect lawful federal installations like military bases. So there can be a pretty constitutional deployment of these federal law enforcement people unlike the way they are being used by the de facto government.
Remember the gangs, real sleeper terrorists and millions of illegal aliens are a real big time threat to the newly inhabited republic as well as to you and your families. Bear in mind the de facto government is doing close to nothing to stop these evil people destroying the nation. These people will not like the restoration of the republic because they will lose big time. Like it or not RAP has been thrust into politics and compromises will be necessary in order to get the interim government off the ground and get it running well enough for elections in six months. Things will take time. When you think about the de facto government with their 70% combined taxes, stripping of freedoms, unjust courts, a congress that repeatedly sells out the people, police tasering people freely, millions in prison for victimless crimes, unhealthy vaccines, GMO food, wars fought for oil going to the elite, and now an unqualified muslim president of the corporation posing as a legitimate president it is a wonder how anyone can go against RAP since if RAP fails we are stuck with the de facto government.
What About the Sheriff – Well the sheriff is a high office the chief law enforcement officer of the county jurisdiction BUT is the sheriff of a county that is incorporated really the sheriff or is that office not really inhabited. I think these offices of the sheriff needs to be reinhabited myself. These city, county and state corporations can be thought of as related to the federal corporation. So relying on the sheriffs to enforce the law and protect we the people is going to require reinhabiting the office of the sheriff and not going through the county corporations since they are de facto not de jure offices. See the problems get thick when you get into them, don't they? See why RAP takes longer than we would like. There is no “Interim Government for Dummies” book out there, it has to be worked out in depth all for the first time. To make it more complicated it has gone international as well affecting numerous nations.
RAP Funding – Let us safely assume Turner did not find the trillions needed in a cabbage patch. Deals were made, concessions made etc. Hey guys such is the real world. You want the money and a peaceful change or the alternatives? The de facto is a horrible choice and the alternatives can be devastating beyond compromises. The USD is the big reserve currency out there. If this goes to seed completely as it is headed now, then the world economic systems will collapse. Not like what we have seen, much worse. Sure the stupidity was trusting the private bankers and their puppet governments. They took the worthless dollars and using anonymous structures like corporations, trusts and foundations bought hard assets to ensure their trillions of wealth for generations. Some of this might be recoverable, some probably not.
There are a lot of nations who are sick and tired of the de facto government. China is the obvious one with 300 nuclear missiles in Taiwan pointed at it. I would say the Russian Federation is also sick of the de facto government. The de facto government are war mongers. In times of war money gets spent big time and thus the bankers get richer as the national debt soars. They are long past caring about millions of dead people. I am sure they think it is funny that they can con people so well to the point of having them die for senseless wars designed to increase their wealth at the expense of those doing the fighting.
Timing was an issue with the funding. Money of this size cannot sit around waiting, it needs to be deployed in some way. So again things needed to get done in a timely manner. The de facto government was scared of we the people and would do anything to put you down further and harder. Look at how they try to get your guns taken away. They get your money, control your health care, schools, freedoms, kangaroo courts, elections, etc. Getting rid of them is worth a lot of concessions especially if when the smoke has cleared you are left with a constitutional government and common law. From everything we know this is firmly going to be the case.
If RAP is Real Why Don't We See Signs of It – Well let's take a look at this. The Clintons throw their daughter a wedding. Probably spent many millions on the secret service plus local police costs. Nobility in a word. Michelle Obama takes a vacation in Spain with her entourage, one of many vacations. Again millions and millions spent on the secret service. Barry Sotero playing golf and running around on TV. Well on the other hand Tim Turner does talk shows as the President of the Republic. Rap executive council members like Rod do the same. State coordinators also do the same. These people have jobs and go to work every day openly. Now bear in mind Tim Turner has an interim government set up and is walking around free as interim President of the USA. So both sides are acting as if nothing is wrong, yet one of them has to be wrong.
The fact that the RAP folks are free causes me to think the military is really with them asides from what people I trust say. I would expect the de facto government is trying to negotiate their way out of trials and punishments. This can explain the Clintons getting the wedding done before the embarrassments come. Michelle can be living it up on the corporations money while she can, in other words squeezing all she can out of it. Her fifteen minutes of fame so to speak before she goes into obscurity.
Am I expecting trials? Not many, maybe very few. Once trials start it would go on for years. I think there will be confessions that are sealed, resignations, agreements to never emerge into public life and forfeiture of ill gotten gains. There would be a lot of secrets at risk if there were trials or prison sentences. Many others would be implicated and this could go on for ten years at great cost. Public attention would be drawn to them and they are accomplished liars and crooks. The trials would be televised and the people would have their heads filled with all sorts of garbage spouting forth from the mouths of these professional liars and con men.
Probably things will move on to restoring the republic and preparing for the elections in six months. I would say about six weeks after the republic takes over election campaigns will start. The first six weeks will largely be educational as people crave all sorts of knowledge. Questions will concern foreclosures, credit bureaus, ongoing court cases, political prisoners in jail, victimless crimes, new id cards, firearm laws, taxes, passports, international travel, business practices, banking practices, gold backed currency, and I could keep going. After this there will come campaigning for the elections to come in a few short months. There will be no campaign advocating going back to the bankster democracy in that this would be contrary to the constitution. New parties will emerge. Perhaps Turner will run or maybe not, who knows? I suppose there will be some trials but I am not expecting a witch hunt. I expect a serious reeducation campaign for those in police service. They will learn the correct way and what can happen to them under common law if they start tasering the elderly people in bed. I expect some will resign, some will mess up and wind up in a common law court in front of a real jury not restrained by the prosecutor or judge. A few of those trials and the police and government workers absorbed into the new government will straighten up fast. Most will get reeducated and go with the constitution. Anyway I doubt the country will dedicate itself to trials, there are more important tasks at hand.
Mainstream Media Talking Heads – It amazes me how many people look to the mass media for a confirmation of RAP or lack thereof as a sign of RAP not being real. The mainstream media is a pure psych ops program. What finished off the de facto government is the internet with real freedom of speech. All the mainstream talking heads do is follow the psych ops program. That would be to keep telling you what is wrong, it is getting worse on varying fronts and never ever even hinting at a way to fix it other than going from democrats to republicans or vice versa. This is all done in the name of democracy not in the name of a republic. Some of the late night talking heads make jokes about how we have no constitution any more like why don't we sell ours since we do not use it anymore. This makes the people think there is no hope and despair sets in.
There is a sense of hopelessness, resistance is futile. There is nothing you can do. It is going to keep getting worse and worse so just suck it up as best you can. That is the message of the mainstream media. It works. Look how many people say RAP can't work. They get there from the psych ops. Resistance is futile. Nothing will work. It is too late. It is hopeless. You are delusional if you think you can change it. Do you see it? I avoid watching the mainstream media, it is brainwashing.
Another trick they use is to get the people involved in sports, the lives of celebrities, dance contests, talent contests, watching movies 3D or otherwise, sitcoms etc. These are distractions to keep you occupied while they drag you further and further into bondage, it keeps you asleep so to speak. This is all done by design with intent. I am not saying being a football fan or baseball fan is wrong. I enjoy going to game too. When it gets obsessive with talk shows dealing with the sporting events and the sports stars being treated as demi-gods on TV then it crosses the line into something else. We could also talk about the gambling associated with sporting events.
Hollywood works with the de facto government closely. The messages conveyed in the movies and TV shows are designed to suit the de facto government and their handlers. They do not portray useful morals, truthfulness, honesty, or any values that a culture needs to survive. Their themes are drugs, alcohol, immorality, sex, violence, corruption, revenge and they knock people with faith in God who follow the bible. Other religions are portrayed favorably, just not Christians. In Hollywood the police practically always win. Ever notice that? This is unrealistic in that there is a massive amount of unsolved and unpunished crimes. The theme is resistance is futile.
The mainstream media knows all about RAP. They are not going to discuss it. Why? My gosh the people will then get educated, see a way out of the oppression and cling to RAP and all of a sudden RAP would have millions and millions of supporters screaming throw the bums out right now. The mainstream media does not care about the people, just their handlers. Give them a big paycheck and they will tell the people anything they are told to pass on. When the federal corporation tries to destabilize a nation what do they go after? The Newspapers, TV and Radio stations. They use their funny money to buy media control one way or the other. Look at the mainstream media as federal corporation advertising and psych ops. Never go to them for a confirmation of anything. They are the personification of disinformation.
Why those Grand Jurors – Well RAP was trying to be secretive yet at the same time they had to raise some 1350 people (approx.). The solution was they operated with a presence in sovereign circles. They had to do this to get grand jurors and the members of the interim government. Some resent not being involved. Ok how the heck could RAP get all involved. They couldn't, could they? Remember RAP is just one component of a larger international picture that is not appearing on forums, blogs, phone in talk shows, forums, websites etc. This is real secrecy. People getting unauthorized press releases etc is not about the vital intel.
RAP is the tip of the iceberg that you see. What is under the water line out of site is the bigger picture. Vital intel concerns itself with the source of funding for instance, other nations involved, international courts proceedings that are conducted in closed chambers not open court and so forth. People do not understand the depth and magnitude of this move. For instance how do they deal with the stock and commodity markets around the world when the announcement is made to avoid collapsing the markets? What about currency exchange rates going off the charts when the FRN becomes a US Treasury Gold Certificate redeemable in gold at the treasury? This causes the people to get hung on all the wrong things.
The RAP you see if a small portion of what is happening. Remember the return to the constitution and common law is real and has never been discarded. The interim government is only in for six months. If you ask me that is too short, I would say 12-18 months but no they want this to be a very brief period. This lends credence to their true motives which is to get the reboot going and then let we the people have an honest paper ballot supervised election. I say let RAP have a chance and support them. Don't get hung up on the little things, get the reboot going and enjoy the constitutional government with all the prosperity and freedoms that will come with it.

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