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health tips from MK

Dear Tibbymonster,
Hi MK2009 just receive the Kolbrin bible… looks like the holy bible to me. explain pls!!! and about detoxification have some ideas? thx a lot you’re an angel
Comment by tibbymonster01 on August 14, 2010 @ 1:05 pm
The Kolbrin Bible or the Sacred Book of the Culdees is one of the oldest religious texts in existence in Europe. The Culdees are probably CELTS. In the Kolbrin Bible, the story of the “Sons and Daughters of God” who came from Heaven and their relationships with the “Sons and Daughters of Earth” is told. It is very likely that the Kolbrin Bible was used as one of the texts from which the current Christian Bible was created during the Council of Nicea.
The difference between the Kolbrin Bible and the output of the Council of Nicea is that it contains more of the true history of Mankind in Europe. It is very similar to the Vedic texts of the Hindu which also speak of ancestors who came from the sky.
We are all being systematically poisoned with fluoride and aluminum. Both of these substances interfere with inter and intra-cellular messaging and GLANDULAR SECRETIONS.
The net effect of this poisoning is that our bodies are falling apart, unsynchronized in their production of hormones, their assimilation of food and overall metabolism.
1. The aluminum is being delivered via cookware and vaccinations. Avoid both. Use iron, steel, copper or ceramic cookware.
2. Avoid fluoridated water, toothpaste and mouthwashes.
3. Get an anti-fluoride filter for your water. If you can afford a whole house water filtration system, get one. That way fluoride cannot enter your body via your skin.
Somebody, SC or Cfree or Myra mentioned that the fluoride being used in city fluoridation is not the same as the fluoride found in rocks/well water etc. This is absolutely correct. The fluoride being put in water systems and toothpaste is similar to the fluoride given to concentration camp inmates by the Nazis.
4. Get zeolite or calcium-D-glucarate. You can get these online or at health food stores. Use the zeolite or calcium-D-glucarate one week a month in distilled water. Zeolite bonds to metals and fluorides and takes them out of the body through excretion. During the week that you use the Zeolite or Calcium-D-Glucarate, don’t take micro-nutrients.
5. Removing the fluoride from your body will leave gaps in your bones and teeth. You will need to eat lots of yogurt and milk (see price pottinger about repairing teeth and bones)
6. Drink lots of filtered or distilled water with micro-nutrients. (I use Eco-Vie’s drops) These micro nutrients are things like boron, copper, gold, zinc and a whole host of other nutrients. We are not getting these things from our food.
7. Eat as much organic produce as you can. Fight against the idiotic S510 bill forbidding people to grow their own food. Grow your own organic produce and eggs.
8. Eat fresh cage free organic eggs.
Everybody responds differently to the cleaning out. Within a very short period of time AFTER YOUR FIRST CLEANOUT AND AFTER BEGINNING YOUR MICRO NUTRIENTS, you will begin to feel like you are waking up. You will be able to remember more easily, you will feel less tired, you will have more energy. If you have had mood swings, they will begin to stop. When you exercise, you won’t as tired afterwards.
This only gets better over time. Also, look into alkaline diets, they are another part of the changes that you have to make.
I am allergic to grains and glutens, so I have to avoid a lot of things. Because of my allergies, I need red meat every once in a while. In general, I eat lots of vegetables, potatoes, nuts and occasional cheese. I also eat eggs. LAST OF ALL, THERE IS SOMETHING IN OLIVE OIL THAT OUR BODY NEEDS. Put olive oil in salads, eat it on vegies, fish etc.
In 6 months, you will feel like a new person.

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