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Dear BFCers,
Area B: Cancer victim’s father urges Detrick resignations
August 6, 2010 posted by Chuck Palazzo · 1 Comment
Photo by Sam Yu – Randy White, a member of Fighting for Frederick, holds up copies of The Frederick News-Post citing coverage of Fort Detrick’s Area B and local cases of cancer during a news conference Wednesday at Hotel W in Washington.
By Megan Eckstein of the News-Post Staff
WASHINGTON — Randy White and his Kristen Renee Foundation took their fight with Fort Detrick to a new level Wednesday, calling for two employees to resign and announcing his cause had gained congressional interest.
Blocks from the White House, White said he was becoming increasingly convinced that a series of actions by Fort Detrick caused hundreds or even thousands of cases of cancer. He promised to take o course of action off the table and that he would seek justice for his daughter and others in Frederick who have died of cancer.
White has spent $220,000 of his own money to hire a team of researchers and lawyers to investigate contamination at Fort Detrick’s Area B, as well as the Army post’s history of testing Agent Orange. Fort Detrick officials last week said Agent Orange was tested in small batches in the 1950s and 1960s, but little else was known about the extent of its research.
White said that answer was not good enough. He said he has research he would like to present to Army officials, but only when they are willing to share information about their activities involving the Vietnam-era defoliant and other similar chemicals that may have been tested in Frederick .
White spent an hour Wednesday talking to media about his story, including watching his 30-year-old daughter die in his arms, to hearing doctors tell him that his ex-wife’s stage-four kidney cancer and his second daughter’s ovarian tumors were environmental and not genetic, and hiring a growing team of researchers to look into possible causes of cancer.
White’s list of possible causes of cancer has grown as his research team has expanded. The carcinogens TCE and PCE were discovered to have leaked into the groundwater in 1992, so White said people may have been sickened from drinking well water. He said that same contaminated groundwater could have gotten into people’s homes through a process called vapor intrusion, sickening families in a manner similar to radon poisoning. And, after his announcement and Fort Detrick’s acknowledgment that Agent Orange was tested, he said residents over the past several decades who were exposed to the chemical ought to be compensated for their illnesses resulting from exposure.

Dear BFC,
Pennsylvania veterans’ homes seizing patients’ savings
August 9, 2010 posted by Michael Leon · 3 Comments
Pennsylvania plays vulture to veterans
– State officials say the practices are fair and legal -
It seemed reasonable.
When Rosella Stitzell checked into the state-run Southwestern Veterans Center in 2002, the World War II veteran was told 80 percent of her monthly pension would pay for her stay. Twenty percent would go into a personal savings account maintained by the home in Lincoln-Lemington.
Over the next seven years, the savings account grew, eventually topping $20,000.
But when Stitzell, 97, checked out late last year, she and her three children got a surprise. Not only did the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs refuse to let her have the $20,000, the family learned she owed more than $200,000 for her stay.
The Stitzells had run headlong into a little-known knot of state bureaucracy, a knot that grabbed up the savings of dozens of deceased veterans, including homes and a coin collection.
What’s more, some relatives must go to court to fight the state for money to bury their kin.
A review of court records across the state and interviews with family members show many were unaware they would be billed for thousands of dollars after their loved ones died.
State officials say the practices are fair and legal.
Attorneys say the policies appear contradictory. Some question whether veterans and their loved ones realize when they sign key documents what it will mean.
“I can’t believe that people believe they are signing away their rights to access their own funds. It does seem pernicious,” said Kyle Fisher of the Pennsylvania Health Law Project.
Full cost demanded
Downtown attorney Carol Sikov, who specializes in elder law and represented two veterans’ families, said the restrictions placed on the savings accounts of veterans exceed those imposed on the personal-needs money provided to nursing home patients under the state and federally funded Medicaid program.
Rep. Russell Fairchild, minority chairman of the House Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs, said he was not aware of the policy but planned to look into it.
“It needs to be clarified,” said Fairchild, R-Snyder County.

ear BFCers,
Okay, let me go down the list and elucidate this latest posting as I understand it. I think that there are more subtleties here that need to be considered. There is a deep thoughtfulness to this plan that needs to be appreciated.
1. Last week the Japanese yakuza, at a secret meeting with the White Dragon Society, agreed to form an alliance with the white hats in the Pentagon and the world’s intelligence agencies. The aim is to find a new legal structure for the Yakuza to operate as a quasi-governmental organization by the time the head of the 50,000 man Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate comes out of prison next April.
Ben explained that the Yakuza are an accepted part of doing business in their system. Their function is to resolve business difficulties. They are also some of the only INDIGENOUS JAPANESE in the system. That’s right. Most of Japan are descendants of Korean rice farmers. The members of the Yakuza are the descendants of one of the original natives of this island. The reason that they ended up in criminal pursuits has to do with the inherent RACISM OF THE JAPANESE SOCIETY.
That racism is being addressed by several of the things that Benjamin has mentioned. This move is necessary for a couple of reasons. ONE, RECENT COURT CASES IN JAPAN HAVE DETERMINED THAT THE NATIVE PEOPLE IN JAPAN HAVE ABORIGINAL CLAIMS TO THE LAND AND CAN NO LONGER BE MINIMIZED BY THOSE THAT CONQUERED JAPAN (The Korean rice farmers)
This gives legal standing to these people who have had standing since a decision in 1997. Two, if these people are de-marginalized, Japan is going to continue to have problems with them.
Their marginalization is why the group that Ben mentioned in one of his earlier history lessons became criminals. Even though they were descendants of the original inhabitants of Japan, they had no place in Japanese society other than enforcers and criminals. Furthermore, Japan has to find a new way to resolve business disputes other than gangster power. This change unifies the society against criminality which will make it more difficult for the country to be divided against itself by people like Bush/Rockfeller/Roth interests.
These changes pave the way for a unified prosecution and cleanup of the situation in Japan and elsewhere. This leads directely to two other points in Ben’s article:
a. This means the Japanese military/police/yakuza/right-wing nexus will be fighting both excess Chinese influence and helping rid the West of the dark cabal within its body politic.
b. The yakuza sub-contracted extensively for David Rockefeller as well as the Bush Nazi cabal and will be able to provide authorities with much detailed information about their activities once the new political arrangement is reached.
There is one more key reason to get the yakuza back into society. With their help, identifying the conspirators who belong to the cabal will be easier. Without the yakuza, the cleanup will take a very long time and risks that a clandestine group of these plotters can regroup in the future. This action is intended to forestall such activities in the future.
2. Because of the way that their own racially-driven policies have created the divisions mentioned above, there is a heightened sensitivity to the use of RACE AS A DIVIDING FORCE. Trying to turn segments of the population against each other has enabled the BANKSTERS to control everybody. They are focused and the divisions that they foster keep us divided. In the case of a BLACK PRESIDENT, racial sensitivity is a big issue in taking him down. That is why he was chosen to use race dynamics against the people in the US.
This is why the move to ferret out the murderers of Michael Jackson is key;
That is why: “One concrete move against the cabal will be an international legal battle over the rights to Michael Jackson’s legacy. A senior White Dragon Society member believes the trail of responsibility for Jackson’s death will inevitably lead to a branch of the Rothschild family.”
This investigation will unify Japanese fans AND THE ENTERTAINER COMMUNITY BEHIND THE PROSECUTION OF THOSE RESPONSIBLE. IT WILL ALSO BEGIN TO SEPARATE THE ENTERTAINERS FROM THEIR BANKSTERS. Once the entertainment community begins to see themselves not as privileged and special but just pawns who could be disposed of, they will stop viewing the banksters as their friends. They may begin to find new ways to finance their works that give them more freedom and autonomy. This could free all of us from the cultural desert that the Satanic banksters have created and back into music, movies and television that reflects a love of family, women, children, men and stable society that used to be there.
3. Another benefit to the yakuza returning to the fold is that this will open the way to the exploration of the many very beneficial tenets of the native religions of the world. In the case of Japan, the tenets of the original SHINTO religion can be reintroduced. Among the Ainu, for example, rivers, trees, oceans and the land cannot be polluted because this is an offense to their Gods comprise these elements of nature itself. Returning to the belief that nature is sacred will make it much easier to outlaw pollution, chemtrailing etc. It will also protect all of us from poisoning the planet that cradles us.
Furthermore, beginning to understand the indigenous or FIRST PEOPLE’s religions of the world will ease the investigation into the true history of the imposed religions of the west including CATHOLICISM AND CHRISTIANITY. Once that is done, the truth about humanity’s origins will surface.
That brings us to the next Ben point.
3. “A major operation run by former Fed boss Alan Greenspan is one of the key targets of the ongoing investigation involving intelligence agencies and secret societies world-wide. We will post details of this Greenspan operation on our free website in order to spread the news as far as possible. The trail, however, leads to Italy and certain Vatican factions.”
Once things are cleaned up in the areas that we have already talked about, bringing in a new financial system and taking down the puppets of the criminals who ran the old one becomes much easier. It also makes it easier to sell the idea of eliminating the artifacts of the old system like the IMF and starting something NEW that makes it easier to think in new ways, eliminates any corrupt elements of the old system and establishes a new structure with different people in charge.
4. “The Pentagon and agency white-hats are waiting for the new financial system to be set up before making their public moves against the Obama puppet regime.”
a. “The White Dragon Society and many of the world’s nations would rather create a new institution from scratch to take over the international dollar. “(eliminating the IMF as a control point because it is compromised)
b. “The latest news on the new financial system is that Amero plan is being revived.” Don’t be taken in by this deception as it is connected to the old criminals like Cheney and Bush and the Rocks
c. ” If agreement is not reached, there will be a competition between the yuan and the Amero for international trading currency status.” Who would bet on a currency run by the same criminals that tried to take down the world? Hopefully, nobody.
Cleaning up the mess created by following bankster ill-conceived wet dreams intended to provide the foundation for a perpectual Hegelian dialetic between Europe and the Amero empire is part of what needs to happen. Regardless what the banksters want you to think, they never anticipated the problems that the Euro would create. They were just following a hundred year old plan conceived of by Rhodes and the rest of the Anglo establishment. They just wanted to be the new rulers of the world without asking if anybody else was even remotely interested in this stupid idea.
HERE ARE THE FACTS. YOU CANNOT HAVE UBIQUITOUS FIAT CURRENCY AND FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING IN AN ELECTRONIC BANKING SYSTEM. Under those conditions, currency functions more like WATER than currency and flows through the system too quickly to run it with teensy amounts of actual capital.
That is why the Euro and their plan to collapse everything and buy it up cheap did not work. They could not control the collapse or the greed of their CHOSEN PARTNERS IN CRIME. (read Khazarist bankster scum)
4. “There is also serious talk about winding down the European Union and dismantling most of the Brussels bureaucracy. This is still not cast in stone but clearly the Euro will not be able to survive in its present form.”
Furthermore, taking down the EU will reduce the amount of taxes justifiable in Europe.
Finally, China needs to clean her own house. While China has lots of money, its Communistic opacity and complex internal issues make it an unappealing contender for SUPER POWER OF THE WORLD. Who wants a leader that is totalitarian AND HAS CORRUPTION THAT IS WELL HIDDEN? Right now, nobody.
China is making an effort by providing information and is involved in eliminating internal structures that might make it vulnerable to cabal control such as the reliance on foreign oil and OIL in general. China’s willingness to develop new energy products will eventually make it far less likely to succumb to the same forces that created the hegemony in the West. Just making free energy products won’t be enough. China has to root out corruption and it looks like they are starting to do so.
5. “Sources in China, for their part, have provided the White Dragon Society with evidence that Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao is involved with the Bush family and its CIA faction via his son’s involvement in the Carlyle hedge fund. We are unable to independently verify this information and are wary of involvement in Chinese factional politics but nonetheless, we feel this issue needs to be investigated.”
That is how I read this report and it was very uplifting.

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