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ane Burgermeister Persecuted by Austrian Government for Exposing H1N1 Virus
Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister
Adrian Salbuchi: The New World Order is not a Conspiracy but in plain Sight-1
Adrian Salbuchi: The New World Order is not a Conspiracy but in plain Sight-2
Adrian Salbuchi: The New World Order is not a Conspiracy but in plain Sight-3
Dr. ALFRED WEBRE at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference, Sept 2009

Aug 8, 2010, Dr Linus Pauling's Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease DR. LINUS PAULING'S LECTURE Dr. Linus Pauling's Daily Prescription For Good Health & His Cure For Heart Disease IS CANOLA OIL HEART DEADLY?

Dr Linus Pauling's Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease

Dr Linus Pauling's Lecture-audio


Is Canola Oil Heart Deadly?

Aug 7, 2010, NEWS

Keeping informed of world changing events

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Aug 7, 2010, Vitamin C, Linus Pauling was right all along. A doctor's opinion BRICE TAYLOR MIND CONTROL & JONBENET RAMSEY TV Mind Control For Dummies BILL CLINTON HYPNOTIZED

Linus Pauling's claim, that he knew a cure for heart disease, cancer and infections, was greeted with ridicule. His remarkable health claims concerned the substance we know as vitamin C. Now, ten years after his death on 19th August 1994, his revolutionary ideas are finally on the way to vindication. Given his history, it should not surprise us if Pauling was right all along. He was, after all, the leading chemist of the last century and, arguably, the greatest ever American scientist. He remains the only person to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes, the first for Chemistry (1954) and the second for peace (1962). In addition to being one of the greatest scientists ever, he was a renowned humanitarian.

By the time of his death, the medical establishment had branded Pauling a quack, because he advocated the use of high doses of vitamin C to treat many diseases. Irwin Stone first introduced Pauling to vitamin C, and explained that it wasn't really a vitamin at all, but an essential substance we could no longer manufacture in our bodies. Most animals make their own vitamin C, in large amounts. In humans, the gene for this ability has mutated and no longer works properly.

When Pauling looked into Stone's claims, he found that conventional medicine had long ignored evidence from respected physicians and scientists. This research suggested that high doses of vitamin C might be a cure for many illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. However, when he explained these findings in his wonderfully constructed books "Vitamin C and the Common Cold" and "How to Live Longer and Feel Better", the medical profession was incensed, implying that a mere chemist could not possibly understand the intricacies of medical science.

If Pauling was correct, vitamin C could help overcome the major killers in the industrialised world. This sounded so unlikely that a lesser scientist making the claim would probably have been ignored; the medical world had already disregarded similar reports of vitamin C. Linus Pauling had a reputation for being 20 years ahead of other scientists.

He may well have been years ahead in other fields but, in medicine, the insiders considered such a thing to be impossible. Pauling battled with the medical authorities and convinced a lot of the public of the benefits of high dose vitamin C. He took on the medical establishment because the implication for health was enormous: an end to premature death and unnecessary suffering from heart disease, infection and many cancers...

Vitamin C, Linus Pauling was right all along

Brice Taylor Mind Control & JonBenet Ramsey

TV Mind Control For Dummies

Bill Clinton Hypnotized?

Aug 6, 2010, WHERE HAVE ALL THE CHILDREN GONE? The Moon Matrix w/ special guest: David Icke


The Moon Matrix w/ special guest: David Icke (audio)

TV = Mind Control

Aug 5, 2010, Brainwash victims win cash claims BIG PHARMA ATTEMPT TO DISCREDIT VITAMIN C FOR PROFIT

Hundreds of mentally ill patients who were subjected to barbaric CIA-funded brainwashing experiments ... could be entitled to compensation following a landmark court ruling. Doctor Ewan Cameron, who became one of the worlds leading psychiatrists, developed techniques used by Nazi scientists to wipe out the existing personalities of people in his care. Cameron ... was recruited by the CIA during the cold war.

Brainwash victims win cash claims

Facts about vitamins established that the controversy is due to big pharmaceutical companies protecting their patented drug profits by using every trick in the book to discredit vitamins health effects and, particularly, facts about Vitamin C,in high doses, on disease prevention.

With the facts about vitamin c becoming increasingly accepted by the public, Big Pharma recently, again, attempted todiscredit the benefits of vitamin C. This time claiming it causes cancer.


Aug 5, 2010, The History of E = mc2 DEPLETED URANIUM BUILDINGS? David Icke - Turning the Key

Who originated the concept of matter being transformed into energy and vice versa? It dates back at least to Sir Isaac Newton (1704). Brown (1967) made the following statement:

Thus gradually arose the formula E = mc2, suggested without general proof by Poincare in 1900.

One thing we can say with certainty is that Einstein did not originate the equation E = mc2. Who did?

Bjerknes (2002) suggested as a possible candidate S. Tolver Preston, who, formulated atomic energy, the atom bomb and superconductivity back in the 1870s, based on the formula E = mc2.

In addition to Preston, a major player in the history of E = mc2 who deserves a lot of credit is Olinto De Pretto (1904). What makes this timing so suspicious is that Einstein was fluent in Italian, he was reviewing papers written by Italian physicists and his best friend was Michele Besso, a Swiss Italian. Clearly, Einstein (1905b) would have had access to the literature and the competence to read it. In Einsteins E = mc2 was Italians idea (Carroll, 1999), we see clear evidence that De Pretto was ahead of Einstein in terms of the formula E = mc2.

In terms of his understanding the vast amount of energy that could be released with a small amount of mass, Preston (1875) can be credited with knowing this before Einstein was born. Clearly, Preston was using the E = mc2 formula in his work, because the value he determined - e.g., that one grain could lift a 100,000 ton object up to a height of 1.9 miles - yields the equation E = mc2.

Einsteins act of stealing almost the entire body of literature by Lorentz and Poincare to write his document raised the bar for plagiarism.

Here is the definition of to plagiarize:

To steal or purloin and pass off as ones own (the ideas, words, artistic productions, etc. of one another); to use without due credit the ideas, expressions or productions of another.

Isn't this exactly what Einstein did?

Giving due credit involves two aspects: timeliness and appropriateness. Telling the world that Lorentz provided the basis for special relativity 30 years after the fact is not timely, is not appropriate and is not giving due credit. Nothing Einstein wrote ex post facto with respect to Lorentzs contributions alters the fundamental act of plagiarism.

The true nature of Einsteins plagiarism is set forth in his 1935 paper, Elementary Derivation of the Equivalence of Mass and Energy, where, in a discussion on Maxwell, he wrote,

The question as to the independence of those relations is a natural one because the Lorentz transformation, the real basis of special relativity theory.

So, Einstein even acknowledged that the Lorentz transformation was the real basis of his 1905 paper.

The History of E = mc2

Depleted Uranium to be put into buildings-Leuren Moret

David Icke - Turning the Key

Aug 4, 2010, Popularization of "Peak Oil" comes from Club of Rome! CHRISTOPHER STORY ASSASSINATION & THE NAZI, AFRICA CONNECTION The 12th Crusade - Romanism vs Islam - World War III

The Club of Rome, a non-profit global think tank, said in the 1970s that wed hit peak oil in 2003.

The initial membership list of the Club of Rome interesting [American Nazi] names:

DAVID ROCKEFELLER: Bilderberger, cofounder of the Trilateral Commission, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, scion of the world's most prominent oil dynasty.

JOHN J. McCLOY: Former advisor to the Mussolini regime who had the honor of sitting in Adolf Hitler's private box at the Berlin Olympic games;

AVERELL HARRIMAN: Skull and Bonesman and high-level political operative through several presidential administrations; together with members of the Dulles family and the Bush/Walker family, established various business entities engaged in providing funding to Nazi Germany.

On June 21, the Los Angeles Times ran a story that the ever-growing Peak Oil crowd seems to have missed. The article concerned the Shell oil refinery in Bakersfield, California that is scheduled to be shut down on October 1

Now why do you suppose that Shell would want to close a perfectly good oil refinery? It can't be because there is no market for the goods produced there, since that obviously isn't the case. And it isnt due to a lack of raw materials, since the refinery sits, as the Times noted, atop prolific oil fields.

The best estimates in 1942 indicated that the Kern River field in California had just 54 million barrels of remaining oil. By 1986, the field had produced 736 million barrels, and estimates put the remaining reserves at 970 million barrels. (http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=578462004)

One would naturally assume, given Shells decision to close the refinery, that the answer to that question is no. But that would be an entirely wrong assumption, since the truth is, as L.A. Times reporters discovered when they got their hands on internal company documents, that the refinery is wildly profitable.

How wildly profitable?

The Bakersfield plant's profit of $11 million in May [2004] was 57 times what the company projected and more than double what it made in all of 2003. (Elizabeth Douglas Shell to Cut Summer Output at Bakersfield Refinery, Papers Say, Los Angeles Times, June 21, 2004)

Go ahead and read that again: more than double what it made in all of 2003. In a single month!

Indeed, Shell actively avoided finding a buyer for the plant since any new owner would probably object to the bulldozers and wrecking balls that Shell plans to bring in just as soon as the refinery's doors have closed. (http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=114-04062004)

Can any of you Peak Oil boosters out there think of any legitimate reason why a purely profit-driven corporation would acquire an outrageously profitable asset and then proceed to deliberately destroy that asset?

Popularization of "Peak Oil" comes from Club of Rome!


Here Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. revealed the little-known fact that both Winston Churchill and Harry Truman were dedicated to world government. Did Winston Churchill really want Great Britain to surrender its national sovereignty? Why did Harry Truman carry Lord Tennyson's poem in his wallet throughout his life? Is it possible that both men were members of the arcane societies?Most people have forgotten the strange things that happened during Harry Truman's presidency. First, he signed the United Nations Charter, knowing full well that the U.N. was designed to become the government of the world. Then he ceded control of Eastern Europe and China to the communists, and when the public began to question why he had betrayed hundreds of millions of people to a life of slavery, he plunged us into a no-win war in Asia. When General MacArthur told a congressman that he wasn't allowed to win the Korean War, President Truman relieved him of his command. If you study that era, you will discover that General Lin Piao, the communist leader who commanded the Chinese army that attacked our soldiers in North Korea, knew there was a secret agreement that precluded us from winning the Korean War. General Lin Piao wrote:

I would never have made the attack and risked my men and military reputation if I had not been assured that Washington would restrain General MacArthur from taking adequate retaliatory measures against my lines of supply and communication. At this point, I want to explain how Harry Truman brought communism to China. Most people believe that the Nationalist Chinese lost the civil war, but nothing could be further from the truth. General Chiang Kai-shek's armieswere winning the civil war until the American State Department placed an arms embargo on the Nationalist forces which prevented them from buying weapons or supplies anywhere in the world. Even the weapons they had previously purchased on Okinawa and other Pacific islands were blockaded. How can an army fight without weapons? It can't. Contrary to everything you have heard or read, our State Department intentionally brought Chairman Mao to power.To verify that charge, I quote from a long-suppressed Senate report on the fall of China. Copies of the pages quoted are available to researchers:

Stan Monteith: The Dark Forces

Stewart Swerdlow MK Ultra Mind Control-1

Stewart Swerdlow MK Ultra Mind Control-2

Stewart Swerdlow on the Illuminati and the structure of this reality


Prominent veteran financial journalist Edward Harle (working under the pen name Christopher Story) wrote before his recent death that George Bush Senior, Barak Obama and other members of the criminal Washington D.C. establishment had ordered him killed.

Story was poisoned during a March, 2010 visit to the US with a virus created by the Fort Meade biological warfare facility, according to close associates of Story who spoke to him the day before his July 14th death. Although there exists an antidote for this virus, Story was unaware he was poisoned with it until recently by which point his liver damage had progressed too far for treatment, according to the sources.

Although Story is now dead, his sources will continue to provide the public with vital information about the secret financial war that is now raging towards its conclusion. The murder of Story will not go un-avenged, according to several sources inside the U.S. and UK military-industrial complex.

The murder of Story is part of a broader, but doomed campaign to silence journalists. Jane Burgermeister, who did much to expose the pharmaceutical industrys involvement in the creation of the H1N1 virus, contacted this writer today saying she feared for her life. She is the victim of systematic harassment by Austrian security service thugs and their corporate/government bosses.

This writer has also been the target of multiple murder attempts. The same cabal that killed my colleague Paul Klebnikov (the former Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief) and killed Daniel Pearle of the Wall Street Journal, has been systematically murdering journalists around the world as a part of their effort keep in power and fool the public with their fake war on terror.

Below is a copy of Christopher Storys last report. There has been a systematic effort to remove this report from the internet so please disseminate it far and wide.

Below that you will find a copy of an e-mail from Jane Burgermeister.

Below that, you will find a list of the members of the Knights of Malta, who are a major part of the criminal cabal that is trying to turn Western Civilization into a fascistic dictatorship. When the White Dragon roars, their reign of terror will finally end.

Christopher Story murdered

Aug 2, 2010, Does Bioidentical Progesterone Work to Improve Health and Human Intelligence?

How does bioidentical progesterone work to improve brain health? According to respected researcher and biologist, Dr. Ray Peat (http://www.tidesoflife.com/essential.htm):

Recent studies imply that about half the children identified as hyperactive have experienced prenatal stress. The most urgent need for progesterone therapy, I think, is preventing a continuing epidemic of braindamage.

Beyond that, many studies have found that the use of natural progesterone increases a child's IQ, typically by around 35 points and produces personalities that are more independent, individualistic, self-assured, self-sufficient and sensitive (J.M. Reinish, The Female Patient, April, 1978, p.87).

...In an article published in 1968 in the British Journal of Psychiatry, (Katarina) Dalton studied 60 children at the age of one year. Twenty-nine of these were born to mothers who used supplemental natural progesterone during pregnancy. The mothers of the other 31 did not use any. Over 90% of the progesterone children were standing by age one, compared to only 60% of the non-progesterone children. Also at age one, over 60% of the progesterone childrenwere walking, compared to about 35% of thenon-progesterone children.

Dr. Uzzi Reiss, Beverly Hills gynecologist and obstetrician confirms these findings and adds:Progesterone, on the other hand, is the most protective breast hormone...It increases the activity of a gene called P53, which protects us from cancer. It also down regulatesand decreases the function of BCL2, a gene that causes cancer. Progesterone prevents cells from replicating. Progesterone causes adhesion in the cell. There are many other detailed functions of progesterone that decrease cancer in the body. It also moves estrogen from a strong state to a less strong state. Medroxyprogesterone acetate(progestin), on the other hand, does the opposite. (See: (http://www.cbs.com/cbs_cares/menopause menopause_interview_uzzi.shtml)

(Note, progesterone is classified as carcinogenic in California)

Does Bioidentical Progesterone Work to Improve Health and Human Intelligence?

Stewart Swerdlow: Tesla claimed in 1899 that he intercepted communications from an alien race that was bent on controlling the earth?

Aug 1, 2010, REPTILIAN HUMANS & ILLUMINATI HISTORY Dr. Martin Luther King relative, UFO/ET contactee, brings message of dimensional shift in 2012

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 1/9

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 2/9

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 3/9

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 4/9

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 5/9

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 6/9

Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History 7/9

Queen Elizabeth Fronts for Rothschilds

Some points:

We are born originals. Dont die a copy.

Originality is about truth & trust from within. It is not measured by anything from without.

On 10/10/2010 will start the purge of the misguided ones. People will lose things: houses, cars, etc. Banks will fold.

Understand we are here to help one another. We need to share our food, etc. Do what you can to make sure those around you are taken care of.

The test: showing compassion to your fellow human beings no matter who they are.

On 12/21/2010 the earth will undergo a mitotic like process and become two. One will go into the fifth dimension, the other will stay in the third.

Take action. Have no fear. Speak up against genetically modified food in your store, for example.

You are growing, becoming a crystalline based entity. Get plenty of sleep. Take lots of minerals like magnesium, etc.

Humans with their emotionally laden DNA will incorporate duality and will resolve duality (light & dark) becoming balanced in a place of harmony.

Races throughout galaxy have been awaiting this evolution.
2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, UFO/ET contactee, brings message of dimensional shift in 2012 (click EXOPOLITICSRADIO.ORG on right & then scroll down & click Download ER-ANTHONY-KANE-2010-2012)

Jul 31, 2010, STANLEY KUBRICK FAKED THE MOON LANDINGS? Masonic actors and more NWO Illuminati movies

In the end, it looks like Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landings in return for two things. The first was a virtually unlimited budget to make his ultimate science fiction film: 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the second was that he would be able to make any film he wanted, with no oversight from anyone, for the rest of his life.

I show how Kubrick designed the black monolith to be exactly the same size as the screen on which 2001 was projected. The monolith and the screen are the same thing. The monolith is the screen and the screen is the monolith.

When one realizes that Kubrick also used the Front Screen Projection system - not only for the ape scenes in 2001 - but also the fake moon landings - we can see a double, or even possibly a triple meaning, inside the idea that the screen is the monolith and the monolith is the screen.

If the monolith is that device that enlightens humanity then the Front Screen Projection system, and its unmistakable fingerprints, is the device that enlightens humanity as to how the Apollo landings were faked.

Because he had negotiated a deal where no one would be given oversight on the film, Kubrick was allowed to make whatever movie he desired. Knowing that no one would object to his anti-Hollywood methods, he created the first abstract feature film, the first intellectual movie and the greatest esoteric work of art in the 20 th century.

The President of MGM, at the time in 1968, publicly stated, that he never even saw a rough cut of 2001: A Space Odyssey during the entire four years of production. Does that sound like the manner in which a head of a major studio would act? 2001: A Space Odyssey was one of the most expensive films ever made at that time. Does it even seem remotely possible that no one at MGM even cared to see the continuous progress of the film?

No way.

I am sure that 2001: A Space Odyssey is the only film in MGM history where the executives who funded the movie never scrutinized the film.

Why werent they more interested in this very expensive endeavor?

Because MGM did not fund 2001, the US Government did.

How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings

US Government Paid for Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey because Kubrick faked the moon landing for them

Front Screen Projection is the technique Kubrick used to trick the public

Banned in America: Proof of Fake Moonlanding

Moon Landing Hoax - Wires Footage

Masonic actors and more NWO Illuminati movies

CFR Propaganda Video World Govt Hidden In Plain Sight

Jolie: the Pretty Face of the Global Slave Gulag

Jul 30, 2010, David Icke: CONFESSIONS OF A SATANIST Cell Phones & Brain Tumors

Confessions Of A Satanist-David Icke

Kay Griggs: USMC Barracks Bombing, Beirut 1983--U.S.A. Inside Job

Kay Griggs: Blame The Muslims Kay Griggs Interview

Kay Griggs: Do ZIONISTS/ISRAEL Control the U.S. Government ?

Kay Griggs: Who Really Controls the Military?

USMC Assassin's Wife 1/5

USMC Assassin's Wife 2/5

USMC Assassin's Wife 3/5

USMC Assassin's Wife 4/5

USMC Assassin's Wife 5/5

Cell Phones & Brain Tumors

Jul 29, 2010, Clif High Prediction: Internet Censorship Financial Crash & War Soon! HUMANS CREATED BY ALIENS

Webbot Clif High with George Noory on Coast2Coast P 1/3

Webbot Clif High with George Noory on Coast2Coast P 2/3

Webbot Clif High with George Noory on Coast2Coast P 3/3


Jul 28, 2010, CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD Dr. Steven Greer: We haven’t needed oil since 1902 REPTILIAN AGENDA

Ed Kashi: Curse of the Black Gold

Curse of the Black Gold Ed Kashi Interview

Dr. Steven Greer: We havent needed oil since 1902 (scroll to 23 minute mark)

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-1

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-2

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-3

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-4

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-5

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-6

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-7

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-8

Reptilian Agenda: David Icke meets Credo Mutwa, ancient shaman of African History-9

Einstein the Hoaxer

Jul 27, 2010, News

Confused about what's happening in the world? Click here to understand what's really happening.

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Jul 27, 2010, ABIOTIC OIL Army Harasses Jesse Ventura regarding TV Show

With recognition that the laws of thermodynamics prohibit spontaneous evolution of liquid hydrocarbons in the regime of temperature and pressure characteristic of the crust of the Earth, one should not expect there to exist legitimate scientific evidence that might suggest that such could occur. Indeed, and correctly, there exists no such evidence.

Nonetheless, and surprisingly, there continue to be often promulgated diverse claims purporting to constitute evidence that natural petroleum somehow evolves (miraculously) from biological matter. In this short article, such claims are briefly subjected to scientific scrutiny, demonstrated to be without merit, and dismissed.

The scientific correction must be stated unequivocally: There have never been observed any specifically biological molecules in natural petroleum, except as contaminants. Petroleum is an excellent solvent for carbon compounds; and, in the sedimentary strata from which petroleum is often produced, natural petroleum takes into solution much carbon material, including biological detritus. However, such contaminants are unrelated to the petroleum solvent.

The claims about biomarkers have been thoroughly discredited by observations of those molecules in the interiors of ancient, abiotic meteorites, and also in many cases by laboratory synthesis under imposed conditions mimicking the natural environment. In the discussion below, the claims put forth about porphyrin and isoprenoid molecules are addressed particularly, because many look-like/come-from claims have been put forth for those compounds.

The similar(recondite)-properties come-from claims involve diverse, odd phenomena with which persons not working directly in a scientific profession would be unfamiliar. These include the odd-even abundance imbalance claims, the carbon isotope claims, and the optical-activity claims. The first, the odd-even abundance imbalance claims, are demonstrated to be utterly unrelated to any biological property. The second, carbon isotope claims, are shown to depend upon measurement of an obscure property of carbon fluids which cannot reliably be considered a measure of origin. The third, the optical-activity claims, deserve particular note; for the observations of optical activity in natural petroleum have been trumpeted loudly for years as a proof of some biological origin of petroleum. Those claims have been thoroughly discredited decades ago by observation of optical activity in the petroleum material extracted from the interiors of carbonaceous meteorites. More significantly, recent analysis, which has resolved the previously-outstanding problem of the genesis of optical activity in abiotic fluids, has established that the phenomenon of optical activity is an inevitable thermodynamic consequence of the phase stability of multicomponent fluids at high pressures. Thereby, the observation of optical activity in natural petroleum is entirely consistent with the results of the thermodynamic analysis of the stability of the hydrogen-carbon [H-C] system, which establish that hydrocarbon molecules heavier than methane, and particularly liquid hydrocarbons, evolve spontaneously only at high pressures, comparable to those necessary for diamond formation.


Army Harasses Jesse Ventura regarding TV Show-1

Jesse Ventura sees Internet control by Government-2

Jul 26, 2010, THE TRUMAN SHOW

Like a cat toying with a mouse, the elite teases us with glimpses of our true predicament. One such peek was the 1998 movie The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir.

Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey, is unaware his life is a live reality TV show. Everyone, including his wife, is an actor, and everything that happens is staged. In other words, his life is a fraud.

Truman Burbanks predicament describes our own. According to John Coleman, the elite has been writing and directing the script for almost hundred years at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations based in London.

Coleman, 71, a former British Intelligence officer (MI-6) , first exposed the clique that dominates the world is his Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.

The book is confirmation that a financial elite engineered every war and depression in modern history and continues to condition our beliefs and behavior.

Funded by the royal family, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, Tavistock pioneered the techniques of propaganda used to justify war. Outright lies about German atrocities in WWI resonate down through the decades to lies about Sadaam Husseins gassing Kurds and killing babies in Kuwait. Of course the biggest lie of all is that Muslims had anything to do with Sept. 11.

Colemans main point is we cant trust anything the mass media or government tells us, especially not the News. He cites Stalins propaganda chief Willy Munzenberg: All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news.

The conspiracy reaches right down to the local level. According to Coleman, Tavistock has an invisible army of actors found today in the halls of justice, police, churches, school boards, sports bodies, newspapers, TV

Virtually every important corporation, university, think tank or foundation is linked to Tavistock. It chooses the entertainers we watch, the pundits we listen to; the politicians we elect. Every US President since Theodore Roosevelt has been under its control.

Tavistock is behind every spontaneous social movement of the last century, including feminism, sexual liberation, the peace movement, the New Age movement, environmentalism, homosexuality, and abortion.

The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the midst of today is not some social phenomenon that just happened. Rather it is the product of a carefully planned Tavistock program, Coleman writes.

We are constantly studied to see how we will react under stress. Orson Wells Martian invasion in 1938 was designed to demonstrate the power of the news to deceive. Coleman doesnt mention it but the power blackout in the Northeast was probably another study of mass behavior. So was New Orleans. Confident of our sedated sheep-like behavior, Coleman says Tavistock went ahead and massacred David Koresh and his followers at Waco after lying about his activities.

THE TRUMAN SHOW-Richard Luke Rothschild production manager

How the Elite Plays God

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