Saturday, August 14, 2010

comment by webstruck about RAP

I hope we can get some high level confirmatiion that RAP is well supported by the Whie Hats in the Pentagon.
We can’t play with this as we are ‘in the throws’ of perilous times.
The Star of David ! Is that an appropriate symbol for the Jews,or, is The Menorah with it’s seven branches.
I went to a church today that teaches New Testament Judiasm. Their logo, or, shield, is a cross and Menorah overlaid with The Star of David. As I looked ahead and studued that star I noticed the their were six isometirc triangles(pyramids) that were attached to a pentagon. Then I counted the candlestick branches which I suspected were seven, confirmed, there are seven.The cross was represented correctly, and laying to the left, which would be the right when one is positioned behind the display.
I pondered about what I knew about these concepts, or , icons.
The service was great, especially the songs. One was worded thusly, ” I don’t want to go through the motions, I wan’t to go all the way”. Another “when your spirit gets week, GOD is still in control”. hutz , you would have cried ,knowing your emotional ‘lovely’ side.
So simultneosly I concluded : The star was proffered and encouraged by the Rothschild’s, that Israel accept that particualr symbol as the nations Icon. With their great supply of money,guile, and inluence, they got their way. Amschel Meyer Rothschild sent ‘out’his five sons to each one,to set up a banking center in Euorpe-plus the one in England, making six. Then there is the pentagon.That was an “OH MY GOD!, moment”, for sure.The pentagon did not at first relate, but then , a backflash to the six (two dimensional pyramids)part of the icon, blocking in, or, fortifying it’s satelites. Could it be our Pentagon being iconoclastically refered to, in this matrix? Overwhelming if it is.Part of the Illuminati construct?
When I said,previously this week, that we have to find out if the Pentagon White Hats are really backing RAP; was this my answer divinely revealed ? Yes, we shall proceed with caution and Prayer. wbstreck

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