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Restore American Plan - Writ Of Divorce

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Restore American Plan - Writ Of Divorce

Submitted by a Patriot and Juror - thanks

Writ of Divorce

We the Sovereign People of the 50 de jure republics
Notify those of our number who have departed from
Our oath and our union in the Restore America Plan
Of this Permanent Divorce and Separation from them
Due to Violation of our Covenant of Office and Betrayal

In case a man takes a woman and does consummate the marriage, it must occur that if she should find no favor in his eyes because he has found something indecent on her part; he must also write out a writ of divorce for her and put it in her hand and dismiss her from his house; she must go out of his house and become another man’s. Deuteronomy 24:1

When I got to see that, for the very reason that unfaithful Israel had committed adultery, I sent her away and proceeded to give the certificate of her full divorce to her. Jeremiah 3:8

Get thee out of Babylon! Get out of her my people, if YOU do not want to share with her in her sins, and if YOU do not want to receive part of her plagues. Revelation 18: 4

Whereas, We the People, inhabiting the 50 De Jure republics having covenanted together with God and sworn an oath and made declaration to restore and re-inhabit the 50 republics, perceived as a nation founded under God; and have so done, and

Whereas, We the People, do honor, attest to, and practice, the highest Law form on earth, viz. Trust Law, as founded in Holy Scripture, and attested to be Law by the United States in Public Law 97-280, and

Whereas, We the People, do subscribe to the Holy Covenant with the Creator, self-disclosed by the name of YHWH on Mt. Sinai, and the revelation of His Law, in the form of The Ten Commandments, and

Whereas, We the People, do acknowledge this Covenant of Law to be the foundation of all lawful governance upon the Land, and a Trust unto the people, conveying our inalienable rights from the Creator, and our positions as Trustees of the Trust, and

Whereas, We the People, have coded our acceptance of this Trust in our Covenant of Office originally signed within the Restore America Plan, and signed and sealed ourselves in this sacred actionable contract with the Almighty Creator, in the presence of the congregation and with the signature of two (2) witnesses, and

Whereas, We the People, have subscribed further, to support, preserve protect and defend both the unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the united States of America to restore and reinhabit the free American republics, to perform all the duties of the office of juror, for the De Jure Grand Juries which we have formed on the land of the 50 free republics, and to administer the law of the Land of the said republics with respect to all people faithfully, impartially peacefully and honorably and never contrary to the Law of the Creator, to investigate without restraint all matters of knowledge which have been brought forth to us, to keep all counsel and deliberations at all times secret for the protection of the People in all matters pertaining to our capacity as jurors of the De Jure Grand Juries, and finally to support , preserve, defend and protect the “this” Constitution for the United States of America republic, circa 1787, and

Whereas, We the People, have stated unequivocally and attested to it with our voice and our hand, that our purpose is to peacefully, quietly, privately, and Constitutionally, restore the original republic of the united States of America, using only lawful and non-violent means, and not under direction with any foreign power, and that we have not deviated from that from then until now, and,

Whereas, We the People, now find that some of our number have deviated from our mutual contract and covenant and violated the trust of our Creator in diverse ways, and have departed from our original plan in numerous particulars which shall be enumerated below,

Wherefore, We the People, submit this Writ of Divorce, in accordance with the Trust from our Creator, and His Divine Law (Deuteronomy 24), to those who have moved forward in violation of our mutual Covenant of Office, our sacred actionable contract with the sovereign People of the United States of America and the Almighty Creator, and have aligned with a foreign power to deviate from our original plan and Covenant, and now have subscribed to a new declaration and a new oath, and we do send them on their way, dismissing them from our house, and releasing them to take leave of us and to enter into another house.

We the People find this in accord with the subsequently enumerated charges found in Scripture illuminating the various violations of our Covenant of Office and oath to the aforementioned Declaration and Constitution.

Wherefore, those of our number who have approved any alternative plan submitted by the so-called and self-appointed executive committee of the Restore America Plan have breached their oath to the Creator in violation of the prohibitions of such in Holy Scripture, to wit, Psalm 24:3-4; Zech. 5:3-4 – “This is God’s curse sweeping across the face of the whole country . . . everyone who swears an oath falsely in my name will be banished from it,” and have done so in seven (7) fundamental particulars as follows:

7 Violations of the Oath:

1. to support of the unanimous Declaration
2. to perform all the duties of the said office of juror
3. never contrary to the Law of the Creator - peacefully
4. presenting no on with envy, hatred, malice (slander)
5. investigating without restraint all matters of knowledge
6. keeping all such counsels and deliberations secret
7. to support, preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution, and

Wherefore, in pursuit of assent to the proposal, principals in the action did slander and bear false witness against a number of said jurors and coordinators, and did contrive plots to remove such unjustly in violation of the Law of the Creator, to wit Deuteronomy 19:15-21, Proverbs 6:18-19, and succeeded in dividing brother from brother (Proverbs 6:19), and did tamper with the Grand Juries, in violation of the Law of the Land, and

Wherefore, further in pursuit of assent to this subordination of the people to the wishes of a foreign power, these principals did engage in attempts to bribe jurors, in violation of Scripture and the Law of the Land, and some of said jurors did also violate the foregoing in the accepting of said offers of bribes in violation of Deuteronomy 16:19-20, “You must not pervert the law; you must be impartial; you will take no bribes, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and ruins the cause of the upright,” and

Wherefore, by joining us to, or supporting the joining with foreign powers unknown, in pursuit of a plan unknown, without full disclosure, and without an enumeration of whatever lawful authority, would apply, for gods unknown, We the People find such of our number to have failed to exercise trust in the power and plan of YHWH, in violation of Deuteronomy 7:17-24,, to have engaged in adultery with said unknown foreign powers and gods by subordinating our sovereignty from the Creator and our marriage to Him, and exchanging that for a yoke with said powers in violation of the prohibition given in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 22, and leading to the total devastation brought on to Solomon by way of foreign wives, to wit 1Kings 11:11 “Since you have behaved like this and have not kept my covenant, or the laws which I laid down for you, I shall tear the kingdom away from you and give it to one of your servants;” and for coveting the gold and silver of idols in violation of the commandment at Deuteronomy 7:25: “take it and you will be caught in a snare, it is detestable to YHWH your God;” and

Wherefore, by the offering of said inducements offices, payments, and glorified positions, as well as the promise of financial gain, aforesaid principals have engaged in enticements to idolatry, whether it be idols of silver and gold, or of a leader or leaders, or it be self-glorification (original cause of the fall), or for any other reality or illusion to come before the Creator, in violation of the prohibition in Scripture (Exodus 20) as disclosed at Deuteronomy 13:1-5: “If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you, offering you some sign or wonder and the sign or wonder comes about; and if he then says to you, ‘Let us follow other gods (hitherto unknown to you) and serve them you must not listen to that prophet’s words or to that dreamer’s dreams. YHWH your God is testing you to know if you love YHWH your God with all your heart and all your soul. YHWH your God is the one whom you must follow, him you must fear, his commandments you must keep, his voice you must obey, him you must serve, to him you must hold fast;” and

Wherefore, We the People, who self-identify as “a royal priesthood, a holy nation” (1Peter 2:9), are commanded by both the Lord Jesus Christ, and by His and our Heavenly Father, YHWH, to Be Holy as our Father in Heaven is Holy pursuant to the Holiness Code in Leviticus 18-19, in particular, to wit:
You will not steal, nor act deceitfully or fraudulently with your fellow-citizen. You will not swear by my name with intent to deceive and thus profane the name of your God. I am Yahweh. You will not exploit or rob your fellow. . . . You will not be unjust in administering justice. You will not be partial to the poor or overawed by the great, but will administer justice to your fellow citizen justly. You will not go about slandering your own family, nor will you put your neighbor’s life in jeopardy. I am Yahweh. You will not harbor hatred for your brother. You will reprove your fellow-countryman firmly and thus avoid burdening yourself with sin. You will not exact vengeance on, or bear any sort of grudge against the members of your race, but will love your neighbor as yourself. I am Yahweh. (Leviticus 19-11-18)

and since this is an epitome of the Law (Exodus 20: 1-17) and our obligation under the covenant with God and the Covenant of Office that we signed,

Therefore, We the People, signed hereunder, do hereby issue this formal Writ of Divorce to the self-exiled members of the original Restore America Plan, who have gone out from us in violation of our oath and God’s covenant, and have engaged in one or more of the foregoing charges. To those of you who are remaining upon this foolhardy course of destruction, which threatens not only the membership of this house by placing them in jeopardy with the de facto nation of the US, but also threatens the life and person of each man, woman, and child upon the earth, by engaging in unknown entanglement in international relations that could further the movement toward world war. To those of you who continue in that course we pray God’s mercy upon you for you do not know what you do. We further pray that you will re-consider your actions, since God is no respecter of persons, and he is swift in the delivery of justice. His plans will not be frustrated. We the People of the restored republics do reserve the right to exercise the activity of the lawfully formed and composed De Jure Grand Juries to make determinations of law and fact, pursuant to our offices, -- notably, the same juries that have been tampered with, stripped of members, and manipulated without presentation of charges or evidence -- specifically related to the charges enumerated above. These originally composed juries as the highest authority on the Land, can in no wise be altered by any authority, except for clear violations of Law. Those who have violated their oath and the Law have so removed themselves from those De Jure offices. Notwithstanding our removal of you from our house, you all stand culpable for your actions in violation of our mutual covenant.

To those of you who wish to remain resolute in your current path, it may come about in the fullness of time that the words of Jeremiah 17:13, echoed in the action of the Lord as he wrote in the dust before the face of the Pharisees:

“Those who turn from you (Lord) will be written in the dust, since they have abandoned Yahweh, the fountain of living water.”

For our part we choose Life and to work to remain in the Code of Righteousness so as to attain to the blessing promised in the word to Isaiah the prophet, chapter 1: “And I shall restore your judges as at first, and your counselors as in bygone days. After this you will be called CITY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and faithful town.” Beyond a republic, this is Life in the Kingdom on earth.

The Key is this: Rather than rely on gold, and promises of foreign powers, rather than depend upon the armies of the earth to conquer the nations (Deuteronomy 7:17-24), we shall rely on the Lord:

If my people who bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will listen from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14. With full recognition of our own sins, we re-commit to the sanctified duty, of the plan to restore justice under God, within our nation, without malice, without false accusations or self righteousness, for His glory.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:4), for our duty to bring down principalities, is based upon truth, lawfully and peacefully delivered.

The Living Man/Woman, expressly reserving all liberties

day month in the year of Yahshua, 2010

Some people have put conscience aside and wrecked their faith in consequence. I mean men like . . . , whom I have handed over to Satan, so they may learn not to be blasphemous. 1 Timothy 1:20

For such acts we rebuke our brothers in Love, but we recognize that we should judge not, lest we be judged. Romans 2:1 We hope all come to repentance, as fellow workers in the field. For, the harvest is great and the workers are few. Matthew 9:37

But we must not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

And we are holding ourselves in readiness to inflict punishment for every disobedience, as soon as YOUR own disobedience has been fully carried out. 2 Corinthians 10:6

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