Saturday, July 17, 2010


One other important thing that I forgot to mention to everybody. MUSLIM EXTREMISTS DID NOT TAKE DOWN THE WTC towers on 9/11. It was an operation of the Mossad which has been repeatedly stated by VeteransToday.com in a number of articles including a series of translations of the actual video tapes made of Osama Bin Ladin who died in December of 2001 (or thereabouts).
Articles by Alan Sabrosky, a member of the War College and Jewish, have said that Israel has been responsible for many of the false flag operations like 9/11 and the attack on the Liberty and the Cole. These operations were intended to get Americans to fight Israel’s wars for her. These wars have little to do with America’s security and lots to do with making money for those that own war companies and Israel who wants to own the middle east.
Please visit the VeteransToday site and read the “Wars for Fun and Profit,” the discussion of having the US end the occupation of the Middle East as well as the stories about Osama Bin Ladin.
It is going to be impossible for us to begin rebuilding this world if some of us don’t get that Muslims and their religion had nothing to do with the issues that we are facing. According to the ONLY STUDY ever performed on suicide bombers, the following facts were established.
1. All of the suicide bombers reported on WERE NOT RELIGIOUS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. They were secularly inclined and politically active.
2. Suicide bombers commit suicide because they want to make a political statement. Almost all of them have told other people that this was their motivation.
3. All suicide bombers came from nominal democracies which were actually dictatorships controlled by EXTERIOR forces who were keeping their favored dictator in power. This means that these people were from countries who had elections whose outcome was always determined by the President who was being kept in power by some country with a big military (HINT HINT)
4. Suicide bombers commit suicide because they can see no way to progress in their lives due to the dictatorship over their country. They know that if they have children, those children won’t have a chance to progress either.
Not one of the bombers studied gave a religious reason for their actions. The study’s author attempted to interview friends, school mates and relatives of EVERY SUICIDE BOMBER in the last 20 years.
The characterization of Muslims as madmen bent on jihad is untrue, unfair and largely the product of a Zionist-controlled media looking to justify its slaughter of Palestinians.
If you want to understand the truth of what has been going on, scroogle palestinian children and bombings. You should find a number of sites that have photographs of Palestinian children of 3,4 and 5 who were killed in the last 5 years by deliberate bombings on the part of the IDF. The Israeli Defense Force claimed that there were Hamas insurgents living in buildings where a Palestinian nursery school was located. After the bombings occurred, police, neighbors etc. searched the entire building and found only the small bloody bodies of children and their teachers. There were never any bombs, guns, rockets, uniforms, bullets or any other evidence of Hamas military operations in the building.
The careless slaughter of other people and their children over imagined religious differences has gone on long enough. You all know that I don’t get angry about many things, but killing children is something that I cannot abide. Somehow killing children is always tied to lies about religion. This is extremely true in the case of Israel and Palestinian children. It is also proving true in the case of Americans and Muslims in the Middle East.
Please read what Gordon Duff, a Marine, has to say about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He doesn’t hate Muslims. Neither did Mark Persyn the voice heard in the link “even the troops are waking up.” He is the man speaking about racism in the military. It is time to purge ourselves of the poisons strewn in our hearts by the propagandists of the zionist banksters and their friends.
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