Thursday, July 1, 2010

The illusion is disintegrating around you

The illusion is disintegrating around you
06/30/2010 by John Smallman
God dearly loves humanity, and that will never change until all return Home from the illusion, and humanity is no more. Within the illusion, where humanity seems so real (and so does suffering), all is about to change. You have spent more than enough time confusing yourselves about your identity, and it is time for you to cease this strange behavior and recognize who you truly are — beings of infinite perfection who are eternally One with your divine Father.
As I have told you before, all existence is within God, permanently in every moment, there is nowhere and nothing else. Creation is infinitely vast, providing limitless opportunities for unending bliss, and yet you have chosen to construct and maintain a totally inadequate illusory reality in which you have spent an inordinate amount of time in pain and disappointment. It cannot provide what you so desperately seek — joy, harmony, beauty, permanence, and, above all, total acceptance and unconditional love. You can play in it, like children, but without awareness of your Oneness with your loving Father and the resultant peace and safety He provides, you experience fear and anxiety.
You need to awaken. You know this deep within yourselves, but it appears that you have forgotten how. Nevertheless your Father’s Love is inundating your dream state, and myriads of guides and teachers have entered it to show you the way out to wakefulness. You cannot fail to awaken because the illusion is disintegrating around you, it is but a cloak or cloud in which you have hidden from your Father, and when it has gone all that remains will be all that has ever been — Reality, Heaven, the divine Presence of God. In Reality there is only the glorious brilliance of divine perfection, of which every sentient being, and that includes all of humanity without exception, is an essential and irreplaceable member.
So, the moment of your awakening approaches, and when it arrives you will be ready. You have spent lifetimes in preparation for this most glorious occasion, ably assisted by your guides, your angelic companions, and your teachers — everyone you have ever known, and many others as well. It is, and always has been, your intent and your Father’s that you awaken from your illusion into the glory of His Presence. When you do so it will be as though a very dark and threatening overcast had suddenly evaporated, and you found yourselves instantly in a brilliant sunlit environment of outstanding beauty. However the joy you experience in that moment will be far beyond that as you finally find yourselves at Home once more.
Presently you are like children whose parents are waking them in the morning to get dressed to go to school. The children are saying “Not yet! Just five minutes more — PLEEEEESE!” But you are not waking up to go to school! You are waking up to go on the most exhilarating and exciting holiday of a lifetime that will never end! Stop resisting and allow yourselves to awaken into eternal joy!
With so very much love, Saul.

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