Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gold & Silver Manipulation

Gold & Silver Manipulation
Everything is still on target for the RELEASE of gold and silver from the computer manipulation controls of the Banking Cabal by the end of the summer. I wish I had dates for you but there is SOOO much going on behind the scenes it is likely changing by the day.
One thing is for sure, there will be no removal of the cabal until after the Financial Reform Bill gets signed into law. If it is signed on July 4th expect to see some SERIOUS fireworks by the end of the month. If it gets delayed the implosion won’t be much later. There is language in the Bill that will give the CFTC enough authority to establish position limits on the gold and silver contracts. This will be the ultimate takedown of the cabal if they don’t self-implode first!
DO NOT expect to see an orderly release of gold and silver. A more likely scenario is that they will computer rig the prices as low as possible then claim some sort of Force Majeure (Gulf Coast MBS property destruction?). When the collapse hits expect that markets will stop trading for a period of time (two weeks or more… it is unclear if they will ever open again in their current form).
You should be sitting on the sidelines with physical silver and gold in your possession. Everything else will likely be lost in the chaos of the derivative implosion and the crash of the global fiat monetary system.
Oil Volcano – Going Airborne
We stand on the edge of the abyss. Now we are starting to hear that hospitals all around the Northern Coast of Gulf of Mexico are handling patients complaining of respiratory problems related to the air coming off the water.
The Louisiana Department of Health is now releasing weekly reports on the oil spill related health problems. You can get there reports here:
You can bet they aren’t telling the full story. These reports will greatly increase in the coming weeks and months eventually leading to deaths related to prolonged exposure. Once this news hits the mainstream press expect to see the potential for areas of mass evacuations North.
Lindsey Williams and Clif High have released new interviews in which the predictions of toxic airborne death are eerily similar and yet coming from different angles. First, Lindsey’s source is one of the Cabal Bad Guys who has broken ranks. Here is the interview:
Lindsey was told of 3 gasses that are spewing from the oil volcano which are: hydrogen sulfide, benzene and methane chloride. All of these are extremely toxic and are being measured by the EPA at 1,000’s of times the acceptable levels for human inhalation. Long term effects include cancer, respiratory illness, birth defects and death.
Clif High has also given a new interview which can be found here:
Clif gets into the prediction he made in Feb and what he is expecting over the next few months…which is VERY SCARY. Clif predicted the current oil volcano situation to go on for 19 months only to be finally closed by an earthquake. Clif has been predicting mass population movements from the South of the US to the North with many millions dying in the process from both the panic and breathing the toxic air.
Many of you will hear these interviews and think these guys are crack pots because this information would be the LARGEST disaster in the history of mankind. It’s almost too much to even consider, but I’ve been following both of them for a LONG time and they are not often wrong. Having these two sources converge into alignment puts the probability of it happening much higher in my book.
If you live anywhere near the Gulf please think of your options.
Food Storage
There are multiple reasons to have a substantial hoard of food stored away for the coming chaos. The first, and most understandable, is the mass production of fiat currency to try and print our way out of financial Armageddon. Just last weekend Treasury Sec. Geithner begged the rest of the world to start printing faster and bail out EVERYONE for ANY REASON. There is only one conclusion here and it is HYPERINFLATION for things that matter…like food!
Here is my list of reasons to stock up on dried food:
1) Hyperinflation
2) Toxic weather from the Gulf destroying farmland
3) Changes in weather patterns already causing problems
4) Fragile food supply chain to market
5) Global Market Disruption (Derivative implosion)
6) Bankruptcy of most US States
7) Mass Panic in Banking Collapse
Food on supermarket shelves will disappear in a matter of hours in a panic.
Do I really have to keep going? You get the idea. Go “BIG SHOPPING” at the very least!
Although there are many more things to keep an eye on those three should be at the top of your list. We are entering into a very scary moment in the history of mankind. You need to be prepared and keep you eyes and heart open.
The United States of America is about to get “reborn” and fulfill it’s destiny… LIBERTY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!
IF we make it through in one piece we can create a world free of the “Bad Guys”. We can FINALLY create a land populated with free and independent citizens.
…if we make it through.

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