Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do you really want to Reclaim the United States

Do you really want to Reclaim the United States and help reclaim Planet Earth from the luciferian bosheviks Planet Earth? Do you want it badly? Please see the info below as it gives you proof and solve the problems at their roots:
Aloha Everyone:
Here’s the (probably) most powerful information (PROOF) regarding the Uited States Republic Constitution filled with
precise comparisons between the fraudulent corporations’ United States Constitution versus the real / original
“republic” United Constitution for your review. Please act now, get to the root / source of the problems and get rid of
these “unlawful” usurpers of our country: The solution is outlined, all we need to do is to carry it out and implement it !!!!! Here comes the main link and its supporting info links below it:
http://phoenixmaterials.org/pdf/100616.pdf (Main article)
(Please come back to it if it’s not accessible – - I have the hard copy – - I hope it will downloadable to the site very soon. Thanks for your patience)
Some info on the bankruptcy of the United States Constitution in 1933 (39 Parts):
Here’s some info on Ellen Brown’s State Owned banks:
(The Sheriff is more powerful than the president)
In truth and light,
JH Hawaii
In service to our creator, Jesus, and all the ascended maters including Commander Hatonn, Sanat Kumura, Soltec, Korton, St. Germain, and all the lighted brotherhood

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