Thursday, October 7, 2010

THE PRIME LAW (The Universal Law)

THE PRIME LAW (The Universal Law)
The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.
The function of government is to provide the condition that let individuals fulfill that purpose.
The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.
‘Article 1′
No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.
‘Article 2′
Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.
‘Article 3′
No exceptions shall exist for Article 1 and 2.
Living by these universal principles of objective law, one neither needs nor wants approval, acceptance, or recognition from anyone interacting with the unreal anticivilization. The entire history of the anticivilization and its humanoid rulers is one of fraud leading to human diminishment. The anticivilization has no real existence or power. It’s humanoid perpetrators have only illusionary existences and imaginary powers in an anticivilization first conjured up by Plato and then perpetrated by parasitical elites. Such parasites are epitomized by the dishonest hierarchies of the church, state, and academe who have fatally corrupted the minds and bodies of human beings for the past two millennia.
These humanoid criminals or parasitical neocheaters who have lived by harming others or cociety through force, fraud, and illusions will meet ultimate justice. They became humanoids because they destroy the human nature of their own consciousnesses. Therefore, they destroy the conscious structure needed to transceive through the ether or existence field and into the Civilization of the Universe. Moreover, having lived as enormous net negatives to society, humanoids such as destructive politicians with their armed bureaucracies and ego-”justice” systems are, unless rehabilitated, worthless to the Civilization of the Universe. Thus, they will simply vanish from existence, forever forgotten.

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