Saturday, October 9, 2010

I was agent for horrible CPS

Rafael – I did comment on your link about the Satanic cults and the rampant child abuse that occurs in this country. I believe that it is one of the worst problems that we face in this world – bigger than money or politics or religion. I have been a social worker for ten years, and I worked for CPS – yes Hutz, I know – I was agent for horrible CPS!! I must tell you though that CPS is not an evil institution. After working for them for 3 years, and doing child abuse investigations for a year, I realized that it is not a good system and it is full of so many problems, that the original goal of trying to save children that are abused has totally been lost in the agenda’s of the courts and all the other agenices that get involved. The State does not make a good parent, and yes, often times the children that are removed from homes do get abused even more in group homes and foster homes. The major problems of CPS are systemic and it would take a total dismantling of the whole system to fix them. When I first started as a CPS worker, I wanted to change the world – and I did help a lot of families and children to get education and services, such as free child care, counseling and parenting classes. Many of the parents that end up being investigated are not bad or evil, they simply do not have the knowledge or experience to know how to parent- they do what they learned as children, in which their parents hit and spanked them, and yes, often times beat them. A great deal of the reports were due to parents that were using meth or addicted to some other horrible drug, and the children were serioulsy neglected, not fed regularly, bathed, taken to school and certainly were not getting any love or attention. The real problem and danger in the whole child abuse cycle is not CPS, but is in the underground and secret child porn rings and Satanic cult ritutals that are performed. Child porn is huge and pervasive problem that goes deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. I have seen a couple of shows on PBS on the child porn ring, and it is such a awful fate for a child and it is so dangerous because it is so secret. Im sure that the Satanists have a big hand in controlling the child porn as well. So if anyone wants to get angry about how little children are valued in this society, lets start directing some attention and energy in uncovering this very EVIL underground operation that literally destroys the lives of these children and the families of the children who are taken. I have no doubt the 100,00 to 1 million children that disappear every year are going to these operations and used as sex slaves. Oprah also had a show about this in an effort to make it public. It is a very difficult subject to read about and to research, as it breaks your heart. But if we are going to change it, it first has to be talked about, as you said Rafael, and people need to become aware of the huge scope of it. When children are abused, it affects every single aspect of all our lives. Those abused children often develop mental illness, become drug addicts and some even become perpetrators and continue the cyle. It destroys families, individuals, communities in every way- spiritually, emotionally, financially and politically. The Satanists have certainly had a hand in also creating laws that allow the abuse to continue. I mentioned in an earlier post about a law in California called the Incest Exception Law. This law gives a stranger who abuses a child sexually approximately 2 years in jail if convicted. If the perpatrator is a family member, they would get 8 months probation if convicted. Im sure that if you researched the laws in every state in the US, you would find similar kind of laws. It is VERY difficult to get a conviction against a perpatrator of child sex abuse and ususally impossible if the perp happens to be someone who is an Influetial person who has power and money. The typical profile of a pedofile is someone is very well respected in a community and they always have a job or some kind of situation where they have all kinds of access to children. But more often than not, perpetrators are family members. So I propose that we visualize this huge issue being totally exposed and those who are involved in it also be exposed to the world for what they are, and we visualize all these children being saved from these monsters and healed of wounds that have fractued their little souls. In doing this, we will heal the world and ourselves.

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