Tuesday, October 26, 2010

interesting post by fulford bloger

I have wanted to share some thoughts with all of you since I read Ben’s post and spent some time contemplating it. The current situation is extremely volatile with many parties pointing fingers at each other. Many of these same parties, particularly those associated with a small pugnacious and illegitimate country in the middle East that is filled with ersatz Jews of the Khazarian persuasion, had been PARTNERS in the wholesale theft that was going on around the world. Now that they stand a good chance of being held accountable for their intrigues, they are turning on each other.
The tectonic shifts created by this sudden disaffilation are creating new albeit tenuous detentes which may or may not last. Specifically, Obama and the military allying themselves with each other. The military needs someone who KNOWS the history of the current mess who can identify the players. They need this person for a couple of reasons: one, it will permit them to sift out the rotten from the sound timber in the current structures of state; two, it gives them a rationale for the sorting that has to take place and three, it provides them with someone recognizable as their puppet UNTIL such time as real elections can be held.
There are members of the military who are just as corrupt as the politicians. They have enriched themselves at the expense of their mens’ health and safety. They cannot be removed until a case is built against them in such a way that they can be “sorted out” without creating too much dissension in the ranks. In addition, in order for their removal to work, those among the rank and file with allegiance to these corrupted military types must be removed at the same time. The only way to do this is to monitor all levels to see who meets with whom or communicates etc.
If you go to birdflu666, you will read some disturbing information about Germany plotting against the EU and the USA. This is the Nazi remnants who are also allied with that same illegitimate middle eastern country. It created itself through the device of WWII. (yes, the Khazars used WWII to do two things: one, create their longed-for homeland and two, to reduce the population of legitimate Jews to facilitate their consolidation of power over Jewish identity, religions practices and faith.) There is additional information on alcuin bramerton that is taken from mainstream financial pages. That news reveals that Germany’s finance minister (and clandestine Nazi) accused the USA of trying to subvert the world’s currency valuation mechanisms through manipulation and covert movement of fiat dollars. Brazil had already complained of this same situation.
Lastly, if you go to Veteran’s Today, you will discover that Israel is instigating violence against the USA, England…anyone but itself. This is occurring because Israel fears that the inevitable tanking of the giant investment banks for their role in selling toilet tissue dressed up as investment (real estate derivatives) will pull her down in the undertow. This is a very accurate assessment of the likely outcome of what is being referred to in the mainstream media as the “foreclosuregate.”
Because many of the big players among the globalists have themselves played the derivative roulette and benefitted greatly, they are loathe to lose their “winnings” that is likely to occur from any investigation into the “mortgage mess.” Some of them are shifting their money into war stocks hoping to profit from a war as well as using it to distract the masses from their role in this debacle….(i.e. they shifted jobs overseas AFTER having bought large tranches of CDOs (bets that workers would default on their mortgages.)
When the public finally realizes how thoroughly they have been plucked by the machinations of those that have LIVED LARGE because of their American pedigrees and repaid this favor by sinking the ship of that nation-state, the public will have absolutely no mercy. I do not believe that they will permit themselves to be fooled this time with a sham trial as they were in Nuremberg. In Nuremberg, the financiers of Hitler received the merest of slaps for their role in that horror. This time, I do not think that they will fare as well. There are too many people who understand in some detail what has happened.
China, Brazil, India, Japan and a number of other countries are well-positioned to put their foot down on the spine of Germany and the USA both. Much as Jane B points out (and as Ben has mentioned in the past), despite Rumfilled and Cheney’s love for technological toys, wars are generally won on the ground. He who has the most troops left standing is strategically better positioned to weather a long war which WWIII would likely be. Despite the thought that HAARP provides a deciding factor, it doesn’t because there are HAARP installations owned and operated by China and many European countries. Strategically speaking, the USA might inflict a lot of early damage with HAARP, but in the long run, they would lose a war with China etc. because the troops (even the much-touted mercenaries of XE, CACI etc.) are tired and worn-out from the mess in the middle east.
Drafting the youth of this country probably won’t work as they are quite damaged from all the attempts to kill them off, make them sterile and reduce them to gibbering fools. I am very familiar with these youngsters and I do not foresee them being a malleable fighting force without their Ritalin, allergy shots etc. The conflicting agendas of the elite who have tried every wild-eyed scheme that they have come up with to reduce the population, to weaken the will and the minds of Americans etc. have repeatedly worked at cross purposes. They would be well advised to stop wasting money on chemtrails and run for cover at this juncture. Fortunately, for most of us, they have taken some of their own toxins and, from the ones that I have met, are a bit addle-pated.
We can expect to see a variety of tactics in the coming months. The neocon Nazis will push for open revoliution because they are under the misapprehension that their many Dominionist/Christian zealot troops will be able to control things and get everybody off into the appropriate camps. I frankly don’t see that happening, because the people who benefitted from the camp contracts were over greedy and made them too small. Additionally, the ranks of the zealots in the military have been being thinned by sane and really patriotic non-zealot members of the military. There are going to be fights that reflect the schisms in the military. There will be fights between the military and paramilitary police/etc. When the cash to fund the paramilitary dries up, they will probably lose their enthusiasm for the fight.
The currency wars, foreclosures and other symptoms of the bankster coup will begin to dissipate as the public attacks this situation with real zeal. Expect to see many countries do like China and demand a refund of the money that they spent on derivatives. They will base these demands on the fact that much as Christopher Story had already pointed out, the derivatives were FRAUDULENT in form and function. These FAKE INVESTMENTS that could not convey title to the underlying real estate were like EMPTY boxes of chocolates…they looked nice but ultimately had no value. Proving this fraud is not going to be difficult as there are titles and deeds lacking on most of the mortgages fed into MERS. There is no chain of title as required by law. EVEN IF CONGRESS TRIES TO REMEDY THIS SITUATION WITH A RETROACTIVE LAW, these are not looked upon favorably by the Constitution or the various countries starving while trying to pay their Goldman Sachs bookie for a rigged bet.

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