Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prince william marries the same day hitler did.

Prince william marries the same day hitler did.
I won’t say anything, but, I think you can read my mind…
Yes, he did, and if you do the math, you can see, he did it exactly 66 years later. Smells of occult numerology.
And if you consider that Hitler was most likely also a Windsor, as claimed by Fulford as well
If skeptical, compare the photos of the old Hitler with ones of old king George V, like this:
and this:
If you accept that Hitler was also a Windsor, all these “coincidences” of wedding dates start to make sense.
Even the internet speculation that´s been spreading for years now, that Prince William could become the dictator of the New World Order, that he is the Antichrist!
Now that he married on the same date as his most destructive predecessor in history, Adolph Hitler, Im sure this just adds to the speculation.

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