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>re: The Tiamat/Earth-origin theory
>what wud be ur views abt the possibility that there is an
>interlacing of the future and the present wherein the destroyed
>tiamat is basically a future earth ?
Hmmmmm… This is a pretty deep question. I think a bit of a summary of the history would answer some of those questions.
(trying to do this from memory instead of looking it up, so I may not be accurate)
>why wud it be in our solar system that only earth is habitable to
>life whereas other planets look destroyed,smashed by comets with
>plenty of scars and very scant evidence by science for life on
>those planets.
As I understand it, Tiamat was one of the first planets in this solar system to be able to support life. Venus, Mars, and Maldek were around the same time period. Tiamat was colonized originally by the Sirians, and lived a peaceful life. Eventually, another race (the renegade Orions) landed on the planet, and for awhile they lived together in peace. After awhile, the original Orions found the renegade group, infiltrated them and the Sirians, and caused war to break out. It got to the point where the Sirians eventually just left the planet and detonated their power sources, causing a good portion of the planet to break away, forming the asteroid belt and pushing the new planet (Earth) and Mars into new orbits.
While Earth was healing itself, the war started to reach other planets in the solar system. Venus was eventually rendered uninhabitable, and it’s residents left the planet. Mars and Maldek lasted a bit longer, but they too were destroyed. Mars eventually destroyed itself, and Maldek became a major stronghold of the Orions. Earth had eventually stabilized enough to re-colonize, but was under constant attack from the Orions.
Eventually, a battle-star was brought in (Nibiru) to deal with the Maldek stronghold. They were able to destroy the planet by first knocking a hole in side of it with a moon they had pulled from Saturn, and slingshot into it’s orbit. The next time Nibiru was in range of Maldek, they blew up it’s core power source, which caused the planet to disintegrate into rubble, joining with the remains of Tiamat to form the asteroid belt.
Since then, Earth was the last remaining colonizable planet in our solar system, although there are a couple others that are starting to show potential. Uranus is one that is supposedly ready to evolve, along with a couple of moons. All planets in this system are also changing right now with the coming alignment with the galactic center, so they might be able to support life eventually also.
>there have been even pictures of people fozen in volcanic ash on
>mars a la pompei …are we living in a present earth surrounded by
>a future mars,jupiter,etc whererein the other planets are constantly
>reminding us that unless we change our ways earth cud also go in their direction
Now that I’ve briefly covered the history, the timeline issue comes up. This is an area that I have a difficult time wrapping my brain around, so please bear with me. Supposedly, when you take out the linear time that we know and love in the 3D realm, time is irrelevant, everything is happening at the same time. Many of the timelines from other planets and battles are re-playing themselves in our current world. That is the reason why so many prophecies have been written about the future, because it has already happened on another world, but is happening again. That is also the reason why many of the ruins on Mars mimic our current Earth buildings.
The destruction you see in the other planets is indeed a reminder, but not like you think. They are reminders of previous attempts at resolving the ancient issues between the Light and the Dark. Those previous attempts failed, but gave us the necessary information to finally complete it this time around. These same attempts are playing out in this timeline also, but now we have the past experience to deal with them differently.

Did I answer your question or confuse you more?

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Mine’s a guide on behalf of a beliefs I’ve acquired.
I specifically specified “I Know Nothing” and “Do not believe me”.
I’ve not directed on to you anything, for I’ve talked in general by using ONE, instead of you.
Of course it is easier to think badly of someone else.
And even more easy to think they’re are going after you, as if you were somehow special to me.
I’ve given my opinion, I WANTED TO SHARE MY VIEW.
Don’t like it/resonate with it?
Good, than respect my freewill, and do not loose your energy focusing your actual thoughts to my person.
Specially when you don’t know me.
Which is always a very good excuse to not affirm anything on others.
I’m not god, I don’t know everything, but I do believe I’m part of him, and that unconsciously I form part of a higher truth and plan, I’m still not aware of.
Despite this, I seek.
I’ve always sought one way or another, wherever there is vibration, life.
I’m only 25 and am not affiliated to any kind of religious beliefs. I believe in self-work out in all senses.
Politically the closest system is autarky, to be self-sufficient and independent.
I seek not to help you, that I would only do by personal request, else it’d be quite a loss of energy by my side.
It could be the same situation was given unto a close friend who I’ve feelings for, and for his own good, I’d interfere in his freewill subtly because of my “love” for him/her. But even so, it should be done.
Respect the freewill of others, and only help when asked, remembering that forcing things is not a good.
Only we can help ourselves. No one else.
Though, you’re not alone, you can ask for help.
I don’t expect you to believe me.
I just wanted to make my message and beliefs clear.


…while the House of Windsor is known to represent a ‘usurped’, ‘bastardized’ or ‘politically cultivated’ strain of the Judaic-Merovingian royal bloodline, Diana’s lineage…can be traced directly back to the Merovingian kings of Dark Ages Europe. She was thus recognized by the potentates of this politico-royal chess game to represent the legitimate strain of the Judaic-Merovingian royal bloodline. And because she was her massive popularity became a very serious threat indeed.
…in regard of what might be termed the ‘bloodline motive’ behind the princess’s death, the evidence suggests an historical link which seems inextricably bound up with British/US endeavours to unite Europe under a corporate banner. Or more precisely, under a Judaeo-Christian banner which is masonically structured and corporately funded, and which by necessity demands the continued suppression of the legitimate Judaic-Merovingian bloodline and its heirs. …As we shall see, Britain and the United States have been steadily working towards the unification of Europe under a corporate banner for at least the past fifty years, while the British Monarchy in the meantime has asserted its authority on the process by virtue of its illegitimate claim on the Judaic royal bloodline – which, in one form or another, has ruled Europe for the past two thousand years. While MI6 and the CIA must remain prime suspects in our inquiry, then, nevertheless it is imperative we establish on whose behalf these agencies were working. True, Diana’s landmines campaign impacted on international agendas at a deeper, more incisive level than many realize… Our own investigation, on the other hand,has uncovered evidence which suggests that the landmines campaign was but the tip of the iceberg.
…her destiny was bound by the constraints of institutions and traditions which root themselves in antiquity. For this reason we must scrutinize here the agencies which today represent that antiquity – those from which such modern-day agencies as MI6 and the CIA have evolved.
It is for these reasons that we have so rigorously pursued the ‘bloodline conspiracy’ in our effort to uncover the most likely-indeed, the most deep rooted motives behind Princess Diana’s death. …we must go in search of the agencies which serve to maintain and sustain those machinations in the modern world – agencies which inspired the post-WWII creation of such a masonically structured, international intelligence network as exists today. …Agencies which continue to combat the restitution of an ancient and royal bloodline to the thrones of Europe – a bloodline represented in Kings David and Solomon, in Jesus, in the Merovingian king of Dark Ages Europe. A bloodline also represented, as we shall see, in Princess Diana. At the same time,of course, these agencies continue to pursue the very goal they were set up to achieve: the unification of Europe under a pseudo-democratic system which is wholly masonic in its structure, wholly corporate in its ideology, and furtively totalitarian in its modus operandi. Agencies such as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, for example.
King, J. & Beveridge, J. (2002) Princess Diana


@Casar1973 on February 8, 2011 @ 10:30 pm
The word “Jew” means a convert to Judaism. Anyone who wants to convert to Judaism can automatically become a Jew! No big deal.
Under the Roman occupation, the land of Palestine was ruled by the “Jews” – i.e. the converts to Judaism – who oppressed the Israelites/Hebrews who were Semites and the owners of the land, who were distinct and had nothing in common with their oppressors and conquerors that migrated south from Europe to subdue these people. The Israelites/Hebrews were not the “Jews” and neither the “Jews” were Semites, note the distinction.
So there are two groups of people here – one being Semite and the other a duplicate and a copycat. Yet in this group of the so-called Jews, there are two distinct categories: the Sephardim and Ashkenazim Jews. The former is the oldest while the latter is the newest group of “Jews” on the scene running the current Zionist state of Israel, of Khazarian descent who converted to Judaism as state religion in 840 AD after the Khazarian Kingdom was constantly pressured to either adopt Islam or Christianity from its Byzantine and Moslem neighbours. The Khazar Jews are 92% of those who call themselves Jews nowadays.

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