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actively support the restoration of this country,

Tman, although I have not been posting much lately on this blog, I assure you…, I am a regular here. For the last several months, my focus has been assisting a large social network of people. This very large group of individuals from all over the world…, actively support the restoration of this country, are eager to see the release of the global funds to restore the economic structure of the planet, are brainstorming and coordinating efforts to clean up the globe, reboot the Constitution, and have set up an internet base to educated people on alternative methods for healing and suggesting tried and true as well as safe methods, for beating deadly diseases such as cancer and many others.
We also provide historic documents that educate people of their sovereign rights, what those are, how they were illegally snatched while our backs were turned…, and were replaced with shackles around our ankles that enslaved all of us, and which have illegally excersized their rule over us by a BAR committed illegal system of (OUR?) so called “lawyers.” (A lawyer is considered a noble and is referred to as an esquire which is placed at the end of his name after he passes the BAR exam. Meaning: “Esquires by virtue of their offices; as justices of the peace, and others who bear any office of trust under the CROWN (did ya get that Tman?)….for whosever studieth the laws of the realm, who studieth in the universities, who professeth the liberal sciences, and who can live idly, and without manual labor, and will bear the port, charge, and countenance of a gentleman, he shall be called master, and shall be taken for a gentleman.” -Blackstone Commentaries p. 561-562 )
And how’ bout this: All licensed Bar Attorneys – Attorneys (see definitions below) – in the U.S. owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple, realizing this or not. This is simply due to the fact that all Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, which are physically located at Chancery Lane behind Fleet Street in London. Although they vehemently deny it, all Bar Associations in the U.S., such as the American Bar Association, the Florida Bar, or California Bar Association, are franchises to the Crown. These United States Corporation representatives, to this day, serve British authority and continue to enslave We the People of the Republic of the united States of America, and build extreme wealth and establish their New World Order agenda.
The United States Corporation fraud including, but not limited to, banking fraud, mortgage fraud, Federal Reserve fraud, IRS fraud, etc, are some of THE most focused upon, and THE biggest concerns amongst the network of motivated, ambitious, goal oriented, and humanity loving people that I communicate with on our social network. The fed was created in a relatively short period of time (considering the length of it’s operation and the enormous damage and dysfunction it has purposely inflicted upon the world to date) and by a very small group of people (when measured against all of humanity which it ultimately affects.) Therefore, it can be slowly OR swiftly fazed out or removed. Believe it or not ( yes, I am being sarcastic) somehow this old world got along just fine prior to it’s inception, and in reality…., we’d be much more advanced in ALL areas of human evolution, had they NEVER come into existence! Furthermore, this planet that…, believe it or not, we CANNOT live without, would also be much better off had the Fed never come into power. It doesn’t take a mental giant to construct a more suitable replacement for such a dirty, deadly, and disastrous financial system that we all know as the Federal Reserve. The people of the Republic are more than capable…but it will certainly take more than one individual.
Tman, We The People ARE NOT AFFRAID! We The People ARE Brave! AND…., We The People ARE Taking OUR country back! The corporation is dying…the Fed is one of it’s arms and We The People are severing it’s strongest arm at that! Oh Tman, you get but a part of the big picture! Step back…, as you glance at your handsome self in the mirror and wearing what you refer to as that “white hat” on your head. It is very obvious that you are well trained in your thinking, and which mimics the dark cabal. Free yourself from the belief that we must save the current financial system while there is still time to actually separate yourself from what is swiftly headed their way. Realize that what you are “trying to save” is the mentality of Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and the rest of the scheming, lying, deceitful elites that have enslaved, financially poisoned, corrupted, imprisoned (and made BILLIONS in doing so) and bankrupted the American people and most of the globe! How dare you challenge one person (Hopesprings) to suggest a fix or a replacement to the current mess that the Fed has created? The filth they have left us with could take many years, and many very sharp minds to undo…, cleanup…, and replace. Their dirt runs miles deep. The millions they have MURDERED for, and in the name of WAR (and making many trillions) cannot be brought back to life. The painful scars on the families torn apart by the banksters cannot be healed. And entire governments that have been corrupted to serve and support their NEW WORLD agenda, cannot be restored. There is ONLY ONE solution and that is OBLITERATE THEM and TAKE BACK our REPUBLIC!!!! What don’t you understand about this? Even the so called “crimes” that we commit are of commercial value and is for the purpose of raising revenue for the United State Corporation. Even the American soldier who dies in Iraq and Afghanistan could carry a $10 million dollar life insurance policy on him or herself which is carried by our government and they are “assets” to the United States Corporation which EXPLAINS why they are in NO HURRY to bring our soldiers home! They are making money on DEATH and prisoners, and those illegally and unconstitutionally incarcerated. It’s BIG money for the banksters of the illegal corporation which THEY call the United States. We call it the Republic of the united States of America. Write it down.
Most readers here know that the scheme for the Federal Reserve Banking System Started at Jekyl Island, NY, somewhere around 1910 and was ratified in 1913 by Congress (while the majority were adjourned.) Here is is little more history for those who have not studied this most hideous, illegal, unconstitutional, and powerful financial enslavement of the American people and reaches and affects nearly every person on the planet:
The Fed was established when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. But the original legislation, containing the essential points of that act, was introduced by Senator Nelson Aldrich, front man for the banking community. Few today have heard of Aldrich, but many are familiar with billionaire Nelson Rockefeller, who was Gerald Ford’s vice president, long New York’s governor, and one of America’s richest men. His full name: Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller — named for his grandfather, Nelson Aldrich. Aldrich’s daughter married John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and his son Winthrop served as chairman of the Rockefellers’ Chase National Bank. Long associated with America’s richest family, when Nelson Aldrich spoke on Capitol Hill, insiders knew he was acting for the Rockefellers and their allies in high finance.
The legislation he introduced in the Senate, which became the basis of the Federal Reserve System, was not written by him. It was crafted by several of the world’s richest bankers, at a secret nine-day meeting in 1910, at a private club on Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast. This is well documented. The first reporter to break the Jekyll Island story was B.C. Forbes, founder of Forbes magazine.
Many years ago, Citibank was called National City Bank, and was largely controlled by the Rockefellers. Its president, Frank Vanderlip, attended the Jekyll Island meeting and discussed it in The Saturday Evening Post 25 years later:
There was an occasion near the close of 1910 when I was as secretive, indeed as furtive, as any conspirator…. I do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual conception of the Federal Reserve System…. We were told to leave our last names behind us. We were told further that we should avoid dining together on the night of our departure. We were instructed to come one at a time and as unobtrusively as possible to the terminal of the New Jersey littoral of the Hudson, where Senator Aldrich’s private car would be in readiness, attached to the rear end of the train for the South. Once aboard the private car, we began to observe the taboo that had been fixed on last names…. Discovery, we knew, simply must not happen. If it were to be discovered that our particular group had got together and written a banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress.”
For further study, the following comes from Soveriegn.freeservers.com:
From the seal of the United States on a $1 bill, is that of the Bavarian Illuminati, one of several Rothschild political vehicles. The inscription below translates to “NEW WORLD ORDER”. Historically, the Illuminati was responsible for instigating the French Revolution after infiltrating the French Freemasons. Since then, the Illuminati is usually disregarded by the media as a delusional fantasy. Now why would they do that?
If this breakdown sounds Orwellian, it should, because all of my research on this points to an organization which is attempting to impose an Orwellian system of government, not just on the U.S., but on the whole world, and they are succeeding.
The Rothschilds, along with some of their associated banking families, have long been involved in the creation and/or development of such movements as the Bavarian Illuminati, the Zionist movement, International Communism, the Bolshievik Revolution, and the German National Socialist party (Nazis). Their biggest customers for loans are governments.
To secure those loans, as with any other, they need security. They acquire that security two ways: By lending to competing countries to maintain a military balance, and by setting up national banks under their control.
“New World Order” (also translated as “New Order of the Centuries”) was by no means new with the creation of the Great Seal of the United States. It is an old Illuminati slogan, used by Adolph Hitler, and later, by President George Bush, the son of a Hitler supporter, Prescott Bush. Perhaps this is mere coincidence, but is that really likely? Particularly in light of the fact that George is a member of the same Skull and Bones Society that his father used as a cover for transferring funds to Hitler?
The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria in 1792, by a Freemason grandmaster named Adam Weishaupt who received backing from the Rothschild family to build the Illuminati.
Federal Reserve had a predecessor in the Second Bank of the United States, which had been dismantled at the order of President Andrew Jackson, putting an end to a major depression in his time. The Great Depression of the thirties, however, had a Rothschild lacky in F.D.R., who prolonged the agony, so as to maximize property foreclosures, allowing bankers to make a killing when the economy bounced back.
This also put the bankers in the position of being landlords of properties once owned, with allodial title, by sovereign citizens.
The primary intentions of the Fed, however, was to usurp the power of Congress and the U.S. Treasury over our government’s, and our country’s, finances. It’s chairman, appointed by Congress, has only nominal power.
The Fed is NOT a government agency, but a totally private corporation owned by about twelve banking families, including the Rothschilds, and those mentioned above.
I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service)
The enforcement arm of the Fed, is the Internal Revenue Service, established by the Rothschilds in 1933 as a “soak the rich” scam. It is also a private corporation. It serves to collect tribute from the American public, which is then channeled through the Fed, into Rothschild pet projects.
“Internal” means that it was set up to collect money “internal” to the federal government, NOT from private citizens, who are actually paying the bulk of the tribute. Our money supply is loaned into circulation by the Fed, charging interest which cannot be paid until taken out of the next year’s principle. Money collected by the IRS is sent to the Fed (NOT the Treasury). It is then credited towards the principle on the money supply (the interest does not exist yet), with the actual funds send to the Soviet Union, Red China and other Rothschild projects.
Federal Reserve notes not only violate a Constitutional prohibition against paper money (Article 1, Section 10), but are also in violation of 12 USC 411, which restricts them to transfers between member banks of the Federal Reserve Board, and 18 USC 334, which makes it a felony to release them into general circulation, except in accordance with law. Now, title 18 is law, but title 12 is not.
As the Fed is the spine of the US corporation, anyone who thinks we need to SAVE it, is absolutely lost, brainwashed, and basically f###ed in the head.

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